Is there a daily newspaper in Bayonne, NJ?

Is there a daily newspaper in Bayonne, NJ?

Bayonne is part of the New York media market, and the majority of its daily newspapers are accessible for purchase or delivery. The Jersey Journal covers local, county, and regional news. The Hudson Reporter network of local weeklies includes The Bayonne Community News. There are also several specialty newspapers that cover Bayonne-related topics.

The Daily Herald is the only daily newspaper published in Bayonne. Founded in 1866, it is one of the oldest newspapers in New Jersey. Today's Herald is a weekly newspaper that is printed on Friday afternoons and distributed the following Tuesday.

The Staten Island Advance is a daily newspaper published on Staten Island, New York. It has been called "the city's preeminent newsweekly" by The New York Times.

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle was an afternoon daily published from 1869 to 1940 in Brooklyn, New York City. The paper is now published as a weekly magazine. It is the second-oldest surviving American daily newspaper behind The Boston Globe.

The New York Post is an English-language daily newspaper based in New York City. Founded in 1801, it is the third-oldest newspaper in the United States.

The New York Times is an international daily newspaper based in New York City.

What are the two major newspapers in Pittsburgh?

Significant newspapers

  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
  • Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

What is Pittsburgh’s biggest newspaper?

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is a daily newspaper that was founded as the Western Pennsylvania Gazette in 1766. It is the second-oldest newspaper in the United States.

It is owned by Gannett, which also owns The Columbus Dispatch and more than 150 other newspapers across the country.

The paper is based in Pittsburgh and has been published every day since its inception except for during wartime when newsprint supplies are limited. The Post-Gazette is known for its editorial support of politicians from both major parties.

Its readership is concentrated in Western Pennsylvania, but it also has some readers in adjacent areas of Ohio and Indiana.

In 2009, the Post-Gazette was named the best newspaper in America by the Columbia University School of Journalism.

Pittsburgh's first newspaper was the Pittsburgh Gazette, which began publication on March 5, 1766. The Gazette was established by David Rittenhouse and others to compete with the local newspaper at the time, the Virginia Herald. Although it only lasted for three months, this early example of a newspaper served as a catalyst for more publications to follow in the future.

What is the main newspaper in Pennsylvania?

1 Pittsburgh Post-GazettePittsburgh
2 The Philadelphia InquirerPhiladelphia
3 The Patriot-NewsHarrisburg
4 Tribune-ReviewGreensburg

What are the local newspapers in Wisconsin Dells?

Wisconsin Dells is served by two local radio stations, WNNO and WDLS, as well as a local newspaper, Wisconsin Dells Events. Capital Newspapers, which publishes many newspapers in south central Wisconsin, is the publisher of the Wisconsin Dells Events. It is a weekly paper that is distributed on Thursday afternoons.

WNNO broadcasts at 90.1 FM and covers parts of Wisconsin Dells. The station features a variety of music genres including hip hop, R&B, rock, and pop. WNNO can be found on this website or online at

WDLS serves as the area's classic rock station and can be found at 100.3 FM. The station focuses on artists like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Soundgarden and has a heavy emphasis on punk music from the 1980s onward. Its broadcast range covers most of Wisconsin Dells and some areas in nearby Rockford, Illinois.

The Wisconsin Dells Events is published every Thursday and offers news about what's going on in town with listings for events including concerts, sports, and other activities. The paper also includes an annual guide that highlights restaurants, bars, shops, and other attractions in Wisconsin Dells.

What is the New York newspaper called?

The New York Daily News, a morning daily tabloid newspaper published in New York City, was formerly the largest newspaper in the United States in terms of readership. It has been described as a "blue-collar" newspaper because of its emphasis on crime and sports news. Its slogan is "Forgotten Stories. Remarkable Photos. Unfairly Shamed Celebrities."

The News was founded in 1971 by Rupert Murdoch's Fox News Group. In addition to its print edition, it also publishes a website, The News is one of several newspapers that compete for attention with more upscale publications such as The New York Times and Chicago Tribune.

In a statement, Murdoch said: "I'm proud of what we've done at the Daily News and I think our readers have made a great choice."

Murdoch had attempted to sell the paper earlier this year but could not find a buyer due to its low price tag ($1 billion).

The News had been struggling financially because of its loss-making US newspaper division. In April 2017, Murdoch announced that he was closing down the paper's US operations, including its headquarters in Philadelphia.

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