Is Wattpad only for fan fiction?

Is Wattpad only for fan fiction?

Wattpad accepts both original material and fanfic, but FFN exclusively accepts fanfiction. This blog article perfectly expresses it: "FanFiction and Wattpad are both websites where you may write fanfiction. However, that is one of the few things they share."

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What is better, wattpad or

Wattpad offers a lot as well, although far less than FFN. FFN is ranked #1 (highest) on this list, and Wattpad is placed fourth out of fifteen. Wattpad has a community-based voting system called "watts", which allows readers to vote on what they want to read next. There are also "hot lists" that show what stories are getting the most attention from readers.

FFN was created in 2001 by three people who wanted to write for Harry Potter. It has been growing ever since, with more than half of its staff being paid full time. In 2014, it had about 200,000 active users writing more than 1 million stories.

Wattpad started off as a social story website where you could write short stories online. It now offers a platform for authors to publish their work that can be read by millions of people all over the world. In addition, Wattpad has introduced new features such as "writer's rooms" that allow users to meet up online and collaborate on stories.

Both sites have their advantages and disadvantages. Wattpad is free, but requires a user account with a username and password. Also, readers cannot directly contact writers on Wattpad - instead, moderators will respond to requests for comment.

Which is better, or Wattpad?

One significant distinction is that is entirely dedicated to fanfiction, and you may select your word range. Wattpad is largely made up of original content, therefore it's difficult to read without an account. Wattpad is the place to go if you're searching for volume and don't care what. Wattpad allows you to create both original tales and fanfiction.

Wattpad is a platform where writers can upload their work for others to enjoy. Readers can then "read" these writings by clicking on links which take them to different stories. Writers must create unique accounts for themselves and also pay to publish their works. The more readers who click on your story the higher it will appear in their reading list. This means that if you want your work to be found, you need to keep it updated and interesting to readers. was created in 1999 by Mike Witzel from Austin, Texas. It has been growing steadily since then and now boasts over 5 million stories written by its users. Any writing of at least 400 words published on this site can be considered fanfiction. There are several categories to choose from including: anime, comic book, movie, game, historical, humor, romance, science fiction, supernatural, and many more. Users can vote on their favorite stories which then appear in weekly top 10 lists. If you want your work to be seen by a large audience you should write some fanfiction!

What is the largest fan fiction site? is the largest fanfiction website, Wattpad is the simplest to write on, and Quotev includes added features (like designing quizzes) that neither Wattpad nor Fanfiction have.

The range of stories published on is huge, from one-shot stories written for entertainment purposes only to series that can reach hundreds of chapters. There are also story arcs that run for several years between different authors. Finally, some stories are based on real events or people in history. For example, "Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse" is a fictional story set in Greece during the Trojan War, but it's still based on actual events that took place around 1200 B.C. Fans have written about these real events and people in their own ways, creating many different versions of them. For example, there is now a "Percy Jackson" TV show on Fox Broadcasting Company that is not related to the book series at all!

It's a common practice for writers to try to increase their audience by writing stories that will appeal to more than just one reader. For example, two fans might like different versions of the same character, so they write stories about them.

Which is better for stories: fanfiction or Wattpad?

Wattpad isn't as horrible for fan fiction as everyone claims, as long as you know where to search. To be honest, you should seek for fandoms that are generally visited by adults, because (sorry) I judge a book by its cover. After that, I merely read the first chapter after carefully reading the synopsis. If it's not what I expect, I don't continue.

As for fanfiction, you can find good ones on Just make sure to use the search function so as not to fall into fake accounts or poor quality stories. Also, some people claim that writing on Wattpad is easier than writing in full sentences but that's definitely not true for me!

Are there any good fanfics on Wattpad?

I recommend reading some fan fiction on Wattpad. If you don't like what you see, you're unlikely to find anything else. If you like what you see, the majority of the fics there are probably just what you're looking for. It's largely teen fan fiction, so if you enjoy that genre, you'll enjoy this. Also, the quality is generally very high, so even if you don't like a particular story, it might not be because of the writing itself, but because of other factors such as the plot or the characters.

Wattpad was created by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl who also write the original Twilight series. They wanted to create a place where readers could publish new content while being supported by an audience that enjoys the same stories they do. Thus, Wattpad was born. The site has over 50 million users and generates more than $100 million in annual revenue.

Fan fiction on Wattpad follows the same storyline as the original book or movie but with additional elements added in. For example, a fan writer may decide to add characters from other books into their story or change certain details about the setting. This can either be a positive thing, adding new characters or ideas to the story, or a negative thing, if the author wants to highlight how bad some other book's character is. Either way, fan fiction on Wattpad allows people to experience stories that they might not otherwise get to read.

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