Should bullet points on a resume have periods?

Should bullet points on a resume have periods?

There is some disagreement over whether bullet points should conclude with a period. However, if you've stated all of your accomplishments as whole sentences, the common opinion suggests inserting a period. If not, it's OK to skip the dot. Just make sure that you do so consistently.

Do you put periods at the ends of bullets in a resume?

Periods are not required in resume bullet points. This is due to two factors: If a list is written in full sentences, each bullet should conclude with a full stop, according to English grammar. In contrast, if you employ fragments, you should avoid using periods. Resume bullets are designed to be concise, so including full sentences would be impractical and reduce their effectiveness.

Do resume bullets need periods?

Leave out the periods. Keep in mind that bullet points are frequently fragments rather than whole phrases. However, if you prefer to use a period for a single word, use one for each bullet to maintain consistency and make your resume appear more professional.

Do you put periods after bullet points in PowerPoint?

Here's what we think: After each bullet point that is a sentence, use a period. This entails putting a full stop after each bullet point. After bullets that aren't sentences, don't use any punctuation.

How do you write bullet points correctly?

Bullet Point Punctuation After each bullet point that constitutes a sentence, use a period (full stop). After each bullet point that completes the introduction stem, use a period. After bullets that are not sentences, do not use punctuation and do not finish the stem. Use either all sentences or all fragments, not a combination. A combination of full sentences and fragmentary statements is called an abstract.

What punctuation do you use in a bulleted list?

Bullet Point Punctuation

  • Use a period (full stop) after every bullet point that is a sentence (as these bullets do).
  • Use a period after every bullet point that completes the introductory stem.
  • Use no punctuation after bullets that are not sentences and do not complete the stem.
  • Use all sentences or all fragments, not a mixture.

Should bulleted lists end with periods?

Bullet points are used as punctuation. Use capital letters and punctuation if the content of your bullet point is a complete sentence (or many phrases). You do not need to conclude with punctuation if your points are not formed as proper sentences. 1. It works with your existing wire. 2. It's affordable. 3. It's safe. 4. The support is great. 5. It's fun to use.

Do bullet points need punctuation?

This includes linking words such as very, however, so, yet, therefore, first, last, etc.

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