What a pity that youth has to be wasted on the young!?

What a pity that youth has to be wasted on the young!?

Youth is squandered on the young. These are the words of two prominent Irish wits: George Bernard Shaw and Oscar Wilde. "Youth is the most wonderful thing in the world," he said, "and what a shame that it has to be spent on children!" Wilde agreed with him. He was only 28 years old when he died under mysterious circumstances.

So we can see that youth is very valuable, but it must be used wisely. It would be wrong to say that youth is worthless, because everything has some value. The problem is that we often spend our youth on things that aren't very important- like money, for example - and this cannot be good for us.

The ancient Greeks had a name for people who wasted their talents: amateurs. This word comes from the Greek word for "not trained". Professionals are people who have studied their craft and gained expertise at it. Amateurs do not know how to use their gifts properly so they usually end up being fooled by fake professionals who don't deserve their trust.

These days, "youth culture" is popular among teenagers. It means that they spend a lot of their time at parties, drinking alcohol and using drugs. This kind of lifestyle is not good for young people because it wastes their potential talent and also makes them vulnerable to fraudsters who may offer them easy money or other kinds of exploitation.

Who said life is wasted on the young?

Shaw, George Bernard Youth is squandered on the young. They were both right! Life is wasted on the young. Because they are so impatient to achieve success that by the time they get around to doing anything about it, they're dead.

Now, this isn't meant to be a depressing story. It's meant to be a lesson for all of us. We need to realize that we never know how much we've got until it's too late. Life is short and we should do everything we can to make sure we use up our lives getting things done.

Here are some other famous people who knew life was short: Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Virgil, Dante, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Jawaharlal Nehru, Nelson Mandela, Indira Gandhi, Fidel Castro, Mao Tse-tung, Kim Il Sung, and Vladimir Lenin. None of them waited until they were old or sick to start living their lives. Rather, they lived each day as if it were their last, because it probably was for them.

So go out there and live life to the fullest!

Who was the person who said youth is wasted on the young?

The remark is ascribed to Irish dramatist George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950). Quotes by George Bernard Shaw Another comparable comment by Shaw is mentioned on this website: "Youth is a great thing, but it is squandered on the young." This quotation also attributes it to Shaw.

Shaw's quote has been attributed to many others since then. Here are some other people who have said similar things:

"Youth is wasted on the young" - Oscar Wilde

“Youth is wasted on the old” - William Shakespeare

“Youth is wasted on the young” - Confucius

“Youth is wasted on the old” - Aristotle

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Is Young wasted?

"Youth is wasted on the young," wrote dramatist George Bernard Shaw. A humorously witty and sarcastic quote. It reflects a viewpoint gained later in life, when so many basic things are more difficult to accomplish and appreciate, that young people who moan seem out of place. Still, it's not entirely unfounded for someone to question the quality of life for those born into today's world of instant gratification and endless possibilities.

The young adult film industry is huge, and new movies are released every week. If you look at the box office results, most movies fail miserably, but some become successful blockbusters. In fact, there have been several films in recent years that have made money after their release. This shows that not everyone wants to see grim movies where nothing ever happens. Some people do enjoy watching the same story arc over and over again, though this isn't for everyone.

We all know at least one person who seems to have found eternal youth inside themselves. They go to great lengths to stay healthy, avoid stress and worry, and yet they always seem to find time for a hobby. Many people believe that staying mentally and physically active as long as possible keeps the body functioning at its best possible age. Others claim that drinking enough water each day prevents aging even further.

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