What amount of quoted material is acceptable in a paper?

What amount of quoted material is acceptable in a paper?

There are no formal quotation length restrictions, although any quotation longer than four lines should be handled as a single block quote. However, rather than using straight quotations, it is often preferable to paraphrase the sources you mention. This not only makes your work more original but also allows you to discuss their ideas.

As long as you include your source(s) within the text and provide full citations for all references, 10 pages is a reasonable limit. Longer papers risk becoming tedious for the reader.

It's also important to note that when writing about existing events or people, you must use caution not to infringe on anyone's rights. If you aren't sure how to approach this issue, here are some helpful tips: Use fictitious names where necessary. Explain what happened instead of simply repeating the facts from history. And always give credit where it is due!

For example, if you were to write a paper on Mussolini, you would need to look at his views on politics and society before the rise to power in Italy as well as during his time in office. You could then compare these to current political figures such as Trump or Putin to see what similarities you find between them. You could also explore why people liked him back then (his charisma for example) and why they continue to support him today (perhaps because of his tough stance on crime).

How much of my essay should be quoted?

In general, three quotes per paragraph is the absolute least, but you should not overburden your paragraphs either. Overcrowding your essay with citations will cause you to fail to develop your thoughts and will make your work look overly confusing to your reader.

It is therefore recommended that you quote no more than five sources per essay.

However, if you use a lot of big words or concepts that require multiple sentences to explain, then perhaps more than five sources would be helpful. The best way to decide how many sources to include is by thinking about what information you want to convey in your essay and how much space you have to do it in. If you need to include several examples from different people to make your points, go for it! Just make sure they're relevant examples that help to explain your ideas.

Here are some more suggestions on how many sources to include in your essays:

One source: Keep it simple, just one reference to back up a claim or idea.

Two sources: Use these references to support two different points or ideas within your essay.

Three sources: These sources will help to make three separate points within your essay.

Is it bad to use a lot of quotes in a paper?

A lengthy quotation is one that is more than four lines (MLA) or more than forty words (APA). When include a long quote in your work, the structure differs from that of a short quote: DO NOT USE QUOTES. The text is set off as a block quotation, which means that it is entirely indented (1 inch for MLA, 1/2 inch for APA). Each line of the quotation should begin with the person's name. After his or her name, place the quotation in quotation marks (" ""). You can also include a title for the quotation if you want.

Using too many quotations can look messy and give the impression that you are not sure about what you are writing. Therefore, only include enough quotes to help your readers understand your point of view better or to provide important background information. Avoid using multiple long quotations without explaining what they are excerpting because this will just confuse your reader.

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