What are some of the most confused quotes in the world?

What are some of the most confused quotes in the world?

Quotes about "confused" Results 1–30 of 117 showed "I'm both pleased and sad at the same moment, and I'm not sure how that's possible." The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Stephen Chbosky tags: perplexed, joyful, sad, thrilled, ambivalent, mixed emotions, disappointed.

Confusion is a feeling that arises when there is uncertainty about what should be done next or how to act in a situation. Confusion can also mean being puzzled or stumped. At times, we may even feel overwhelmed by confusion. There are many quotes about confusion in literature and art, here are just a few:

Confusion is the mark of an intelligent mind that has not made up its principles.

Confusion is the sign of an active mind too busy to be settled.

He had felt happy and excited when he set out, but now that he was actually on his way, he began to feel nervous.

She was angry with him, but still loved him. How could she ever decide which one she wanted? They were both good people who had made mistakes, but still deserved a chance at happiness... if only they knew how to go about it.

As you can see, confusion offers a range of feelings from amused to upset. Sometimes we may even feel relieved when things become clear again.

Are there any sad quotes in the world?

Life quotes that are sad. Are you looking for the greatest sad life quotes to help you get over a breakup or rejection? This collection of sorrowful love and life quotes can brighten your spirits. Here are 110 sad quotations to let you weep it out. "One of the world's odd puzzles is how melancholy works." -Samuel Johnson

"Anger keeps us alive, rage kills us. Fear paralyzes, hope energizes. Sadness weakens, strength imparts value. There are many ways to destroy things, but only one way to create beauty-and that is truth through laughter... I have found no more powerful drug for sadness than medicine for happiness." -Ralph Shelton

"I am become a thing of darkness, to the night. A bitter fountain, which gushes forth to others, but who drinks of me are thirsty again." -William Shakespeare, Hamlet

"We are born alone, we die alone; the world is such a hostile place, there's no sense in trying to make friends with anyone else until you know exactly what you're doing... So many people find themselves living lonely lives when what they really need is someone to share their secrets with, someone to tell when they're doing well and give them a hug when they're not. The most important thing in life is to avoid loneliness and find people who care about you." -Dalai Lama

Why are some quotes so confusing to read?

Because of their confusing phrasing, hidden meaning, or word combination, these quotations may be baffling. However, with closer examination, you will discover the true meaning they communicate.

Some quotes are difficult to understand because of their confusing language. For example, "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet" means that something which is known by another name would have a similar effect. This quotation uses poetic language and visual imagery to explain that what matters is not the name we give things but rather how they make others feel.

Other quotes are hard to comprehend because they contain metaphors or hidden messages about which words or phrases should be understood differently. For example, "the apple of my eye" means that someone or something important to me is like an eye. Thus, this quotation tells us that there are many people and things around us who are valuable and deserving of our attention and love.

Still other quotes are difficult to comprehend because they combine two ideas into one sentence. For example, "you can't help everyone, so who cares about anyone?" This quotation expresses that it does not matter how much we try to help everyone else find happiness will never come to them. It also says that we should stop trying because it's impossible to fix all their problems.

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