What are the old woman's eyes compared to in the poem about an old woman?

What are the old woman's eyes compared to in the poem about an old woman?

The eyes of the old woman are comparable to those in the poem. The gunshot holes were compared to the old woman's eyes. The elderly woman's age implies that she was productive while she was younger, but the primary trouble emerged when she was older. Their physical fitness declines as they age, and they become bone skeletons. However, the woman in the poem is still physically fit at her age because she has not faced any major health problems yet.

The woman in the poem is also very much alive since she is singing about a nightingale. A nightingale will only sing at night time since its voice box is located below its throat which makes it impossible for it to sing during the day. This shows that the old woman is still healthy and active even though she is already elderly.

Finally, the old woman is described as beautiful. Her facial features are similar to those of a young girl, which means that she was very attractive when she was younger.

In conclusion, the old woman's eyes are like the nightingale's heart because they are both visible on her body. Even though she is no longer young, she is still healthy and active.

What look did the woman’s eyes have once when you were old?

What did the woman's eyes seem like once in "When You Are Old"? "Soft appearance," is the answer. The poet asks what her eyes looked like, and answers himself: "Ornaments of gold." They are described as "ornaments of gold"--a reference to their color, not their price. The man thinks about how they would appear if he saw them now, and replies: "Like stars full of light." The woman was probably pretty at one time, but now she has aged badly and lost most of her beauty.

Her face is covered with wrinkles, her skin is sallow, and her teeth are black. She has stained fingers and a stinking breath. She is a disgusting sight to behold.

Nowadays people use makeup to try to look younger. But the woman in this poem didn't wear any makeup. She used to be beautiful, but now she's just ugly. Her beauty has vanished over time because she has been living out her life in sin!

God hates divorce, and says it destroys marriages (see Mal 2:16). So when Christians get divorced, God judges them because it shows that they were never really married in the first place.

How is the old woman depicted in the poem?

The poem "An Elderly Woman" describes an old woman in her lowest possible state, not as a beggar, but as helpless and forsaken. She's a self-appointed tour guide. She continues to visit the temple. She used to grab the sleeves of individuals passing by the shrine and ask for fifty paisa coins. She still does this today, but now she uses a walking stick to collect money.

The poet also mentions that she has many children who don't take care of her. Perhaps they live with their spouses or other relatives because of work. There was a time when women didn't have any rights so they had to rely on their children for support. But now that women are getting more equal treatment, the elderly woman is left all alone with no one to take care of her.

In conclusion, the old woman is shown to be poor and abandoned by everyone including her children who think she's a burden instead of giving her some privacy like others her age would want.

What image of the old woman does the poet have?

The poem "An Old Woman" paints a vivid image of an elderly beggar woman. The deterioration of the old woman in this scene represents the degradation in our own life. She pulls a person's sleeve and follows him till the individual offers him a penny in alms. She, like all beggars, insists on receiving something from others. Even after getting what she wants, she continues to follow her victim until he gives up and throws her a coin.

The old woman is described as ugly with a face that is full of age. Her teeth are black from being exposed to the weather and rain. They grow crooked from lack of care. It is said that she wears rags because there is no money for clothes. This shows that she is very poor.

It is also said that she smells bad. This indicates that she is not taken care of by anyone who could provide her with hygiene products such as soap or shampoo.

Finally, it is noted that she is blind. This shows that she has lost the ability to see beauty around her. No one would want to bother with someone so blind and deformed.

All in all, the image of the old woman presented in this poem is one of poverty and decay. She lives in a dirty environment surrounded by other people's waste material. There is no hope for her to get out of this situation since no one wants to help her.

What is personified in the poem when you are old?

"When You Are Old" as a Love Representation: Because this is a love poem, the speaker addresses his lover directly and urges her to imagine a day when she will not be gorgeous, beautiful, or glamorous, but rather a fair old lady poking by the fire. He compares how she will then be like him-old and wrinkly.

This poem is about friendship because just as no one wants to see their friend become old, so too we want our friends to feel young and in shape forever. In the end, the speaker realizes that even though his old girlfriend will eventually die, they will still be together in heaven.

Here are some other examples of poems that address old people: "The Old Man" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, "The Angel" by John Milton, "Old" by Elizabeth Bishop.

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