What did Johnny tell Ponyboy and what did it mean?

What did Johnny tell Ponyboy and what did it mean?

When Johnny advised Ponyboy to "remain gold," he meant "stay pure," "stay yourself," and "maintain your innocence." He advised him to be careful. Ponyboy recites the Robert Frost poem "Stay Gold" to Johnny while the two hide out in the Windrixville Church. This is significant because it shows that even though Johnny is dead, he still has a influence over Ponyboy.

Ponyboy tells himself that he's not the same person he was when Johnny died. He wants to stay honest and true to himself even though that means staying away from girls and crime. By quoting Robert Frost, who was a famous American poet, author, and professor, Ponyboy shows that he is aware of Johnnys significance and respects him by using his poetry as inspiration.

In the end, Ponyboy decides to stay innocent and keep being himself after all. This shows that even though he had to leave Windrixville, he still cares about his friends and family.

What did Johnny say to Ponyboy when he died?

"Stay gold, Ponyboy," Johnny says as he dies in the hospital. Ponyboy doesn't understand what Johnny is saying until he reads the message Johnny left. Johnny notes that "remain gold" refers to a Robert Frost poem that Ponyboy read with them when they were sheltering at the church. He also notes that "ponyboy" is the name of the main character in the poem, so it makes sense that he would want him to know that he loved him and that he was proud of him.

This is one of those poems where different people will understand the meaning differently. For example, some people think that "ponyboy" is referring to Jesus because of how many stories there are about young boys being inspired by him to keep going no matter what happens. Others think that it's referring to himself because he was just like the little ponyboy who needed saving. Still others think that it's referring to both Jesus and Ponyboy because they were both innocent and pure when they died.

Either way, this is one of Johnny's most important messages for Ponyboy and it means a lot to him that Ponyboy understood it.

What was the poem Ponyboy read to Johnny?

"Nothing gold can stay," one line of the poem says, implying that all beautiful things must come to an end.

What did Johnny teach Ponyboy?

As a result of the poetry they heard in Chapter 5, Johnny encourages Ponyboy to "remain gold" when he dies. When Johnny passes away, he instructs Ponyboy to "remain gold." He implies that he wants him to remain cheerful. This is because the majority of greasers simply want to be tough. They don't care about anything else.

Ponyboy has also taught Johnny something. Before he died, Johnny told Ponyboy that he was the first person he had ever really loved.

Johnny's love for Ponyboy can be seen in the way he tries to protect him. For example, when Big Earl tries to kill Ponyboy, it is Johnny who stops him. Also, when Bucky shoots at Ponyboy with Earl's gun, it is Johnny who takes the bullet for him.

Finally, Johnny shows his love for Ponyboy by teaching him how to write poems. Without knowing it, Johnny teaches Ponyboy how to express himself through words. This is why we can still hear the poetry in his head even after he dies.

Ponyboy has also shown his love for Johnny by staying gold after he dies. Even though he has been shot several times, stabbed, and almost killed many times, he never gives up. Instead, he always tries to help others find peace.

After Johnny's death, Ponyboy continues to stay gold.

What does Johnny say to Ponyboy at the end of this chapter? What did Johnny mean?

Ponyboy, stay gold. He also notes that it's one of his favorites.

This chapter shows how much Johnny cares about Ponyboy even though they're fighting against each other. Even though they're competing for Cinda's love, Johnny still tries to give him some advice before he leaves. He also tells him not to forget their plan if things get too tough so they can escape from Stagg's ranch together.

Johnny's last words are important because they show that he loves Ponyboy even though they're enemies. He wouldn't tell him to remain gold if he didn't care about him.

Here's the full text of the poem:

Staying Gold: A Poem by Robert Frost

Staying gold, though all else shall perish, Virtue is its own reward.

That's what Johnny says to Ponyboy just before he dies. It means that even though they're both struggling with sin, Ponyboy will still keep his goodness since he's found grace through Jesus Christ.

What was the significance of Johnny’s last words to Ponyboy?

What does Johnny's final comments to the ponyboy mean? When Johnny advises Ponyboy to "remain gold," he is alluding to the poetry Ponyboy delivered while they were at Windrixville's ancient chapel. "Nothing Gold Can Stay," by Robert Frost, is the title of the poem. The poem's central theme is that life happens in short moments. Whatever you do or become will be lost very soon, so why not live each day as if it was your last? This is what Johnny is telling Ponyboy to do.

Ponyboy goes on to say that he knows how to stay gold because his father taught him. But we know this isn't true; his father had been dead for years. What Johnny is really saying is that he has found a way to keep himself alive by following his own advice. He realizes that he is about to die and wants Ponyboy to make the same choice he did: to stop living based on future expectations and to just go after what you want in this moment.

This idea of living in the now and taking risks is what drives much of the story. Even though most of the characters are tempted by money and power, only three people reach their dreams: Ponyboy reaches Hollywood; Stevie reaches fame; and Crystal reaches love with Johnny.

As for Ponyboy, he starts out wanting to be a stuntman like his father. But when he meets Hilly, she convinces him that being an actor is more fun.

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