What did Langston Hughes mean when he said that America was never America to me?

What did Langston Hughes mean when he said that America was never America to me?

Hughes recounts his personal disillusionment with the American Dream in the poem, implying that the country has failed to fulfill its promise of liberty and equality for everyone. He also accuses it of being hypocritical by claiming to be all things to all people while simultaneously discriminating against black people.

America has not always been what you would call idealistic. It has committed atrocities throughout history, some planned and others not. But at its heart it is supposed to be a place where anyone can make their dreams come true, if they are willing to work for it. Langston Hughes believes that the United States has failed to live up to this ideal because it has never treated all of its citizens equally.

He starts off by saying that America was never America to him because he had seen more oppression in the country than freedom. This implies that although America has many good qualities it cannot change its past sins by just giving people freedom without also providing them with economic opportunity or racial equality.

Later on in the poem he says that America will never be perfect but that we should still hold it up as an example to other countries who claim to want to do the same thing. He believes that unless other countries learn from our mistakes they will keep making them themselves.

What does Langston Hughes have to say about America and the American dream?

The poem speaks of the American ideal that never existed for lower-class Americans, as well as the freedom and equality that every immigrant aspired for but never got. Hughes' poem depicts not just African Americans, but also other economically downtrodden and minority communities. His words still apply today because although some things have changed over time, others have not.

America is a country who's history is full of success, failure, and hypocrisy. It is a country where people can make their own destiny or let others decide for them. America is the only country in world history to abolish slavery, yet at the same time, allow segregation and discriminate against many ethnic groups. America is the land of opportunity where anyone can become rich if they work hard enough; yet many people feel like there are no opportunities for them unless they move away to an urban area like New York or Chicago. Although America has come a long way since its inception, it has a long way to go before it lives up to its true potential.

Throughout American history, certain events have always been present, such as slavery, discrimination, poverty, war... These are parts of life in America that will never change no matter how much progress is made. The American dream is something that has always existed in one form or another, including dreams of liberty, freedom, equality... These are values that are common to all people worldwide.

What was Langston Hughes' American dream?

His work is still often cited today. Hughes' work frequently explores the American Dream. Hughes voiced optimism for its realization, but more often reflected the reality of the time: that freedom, justice, equality, and fairness did not exist in the United States for all sorts of people.

Hughes began writing poems at a very young age. He published his first collection at 19 years old. From then on, he wrote many more books, including The Ways of White Folks, which was made into a movie in 1967. His works have been translated into several languages and are still read today. Hughes died at only 52 years old after suffering from tuberculosis.

In conclusion, we can say that Langston Hughes' American dream was one of hope. Despite the fact that life under the system wasn't fair for anyone else but rich white men, Hughes kept this belief that one day the world would be perfect for everyone.

How does Langston Hughes describe America?

Hughes defines the American ideal in its greatest and purest form: it is a nation of "love," whose core premise is that no one should ever be "crushed by one above." That is, it should be a nation free of tyranny and classism, a place where everyone has freedom, equality, and opportunity... or at least tries to.

He also describes America as a land of "dreams" and "promises," where anyone can become rich if they work hard enough at it. It's a country where people can make their own fate, so long as they are not making someone else's life miserable in the process.

Finally, he says that America is the only country where people can feel proud to be Americans. Not because there are any real advantages to being an American, but rather because it's easy for foreigners to feel ashamed of their countries when they visit America. The whole world sees how much effort we put into improving ourselves as a nation, and that's something that no other country can match.

Overall, Hughes believes America is the only country that can guarantee everyone freedom and equal opportunity, since no other country has been able to escape the grip of capitalism and communism simultaneously. He also thinks we're a nation of dreamers and promise-keepers who will go to great lengths to help those who need it most.

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