What did Milton write?

What did Milton write?

He wrote at a period of theological instability and political upheaval, and is best known for his epic poem in blank verse, Paradise Lost (1667). Milton's poetry and prose reflect profound personal convictions, a desire for liberty and self-determination, as well as the pressing concerns and political turmoil of his day.

Milton was born on September 15, 1608, in London, England. His father was a wealthy wool merchant who had migrated from Hertfordshire to London to seek better business opportunities. He also had connections with the government through his wife, who was niece to William Harvey, the noted physician to Queen Elizabeth I. Through her connection to the queen, the family was able to secure a royal license for John Milton to practice medicine when he felt so inclined.

John was educated by private tutors and then entered Pembroke College, Cambridge University at age 17. There he studied theology and law, earning degrees in both fields. After graduating, he was ordained into the Church of England as a priest.

What was John Milton known for?

Milton is well known for his epic poetry, which he authored from 1632 and 1674. Milton's key works are housed at Special Collections and Archives, including Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained, L'Allegro, and Il Penseroso. One of the most well-known masterpieces in English literature is Milton's Paradise Lost. It is a long poem that narrates the temptation and fall of Satan in Eden and the subsequent rebellion of Angels and humans against God.

After graduating from Cambridge University, where he studied under Isaac Newton, Milton became one of the first two secretaries of the House of Commons. He is best known as an author instead, though; his poems are considered some of the first examples of metaphysical poetry in Europe.

While serving as secretary to the Parliament during the years 1621 to 1624, Milton wrote several important political and philosophical tracts, including Areopagitica, In Defense of the People, Against Occasional Conclusions, and Of Monarchy. These writings set out Milton's views on politics and government, leading up to the English Civil War. During this time, he also wrote three epics: Paradise Lost (1667), Paradise Regained (1671), and Comus (1634).

Paradise Lost has been called "the greatest epic of all time" because of its scope and ambition, using both dramatic monologue and dialogue to tell the story of mankind's struggle with evil.

How is Milton an epic poet?

John Milton is well known for Paradise Lost, widely considered to be the finest epic poem ever written in English. It established his status as one of the greatest English authors, along with Paradise Regained. He argued for the elimination of the Church of England in his written works. This made him unpopular with the establishment at the time and led to his exile by King Charles I. However, he later became accepted by literary critics and historians.

Milton's early life is not very clear. We know that he was born on August 24, 1608, but the year of his birth is sometimes given as 1609 or 1610. He was baptized on September 22, 1608, in St. Michael's Church, London, where his father was then serving as pastor. John Milton Sr. was originally from West Smithfield but had moved to London when he was appointed minister of St. Michael's.

The name "Milton" is probably a short form of "William", and it may have been used as a nickname. In addition to John Milton Jr., there were three other children in the family - Elizabeth, Richard, and Anne-Maria. Milton's parents had another son who died young, George, who may have been named after King George I of England.

Milton's father was a wealthy landowner who served as a member of Parliament for Ludlow in Shropshire.

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