What did SE Hinton write?

What did SE Hinton write?

Susan Eloise Hinton (born July 22, 1948) is a well-known American author best known for her young-adult (YA) novels set in Oklahoma, including The Outsiders (1967), which she wrote while still in high school. Her books have been widely read and enjoyed by students and parents alike.

She was born in New York City to Susan Love Hinton, a writer and poet, and William Stanley Hinton, who worked as an advertising executive. She has two siblings: a sister, Sylvia, and a brother, Bill.

Hinton grew up in Manhattan and showed an early interest in writing. When she was only six years old, she wrote and published a poem entitled "The Little Engine That Could". It was later included in a collection of poems called _Earth Songs_, which was written by her mother and also featured poems by John Muir and Robert Frost. Hinton's father died when she was nine years old, and her family moved to Woodstock, Connecticut, so that she could get closer to her uncle, the painter Love Hinton. She attended Woodstock High School where she became involved in student government and journalism. After graduating from high school, she went to Boston University where she studied English literature for one year before dropping out to focus on her writing career.

Why did Susan E. Hinton write the Outsiders?

The author of The Outsiders, Susan E. Hinton, began writing the novel while she was still in her teens. An avid reader, she had become bored with standard adolescent literature, and she apparently felt a bit overwhelmed with the serious nature of most adult literature. So she decided to write her own story.

Hinton's goal was to create a story that would be interesting to both adults and children. She succeeded in doing so, which is why this book is now considered one of the best novels for young people. The main character, an alienated teenager named Dennis Boyd, mirrors the author herself at that age. He is also a loner who does not get along with others, which makes him seem like another unpopular person. However, he has many other good qualities too, including being honest and sincere. By writing about someone similar to herself, Hinton managed to draw attention away from herself and toward Dennis/herself.

Susan Hinton grew up in California. When she was only 9 years old, her family moved to Massachusetts, where she went to school and then started college. After only one year there, they returned to California, where she finished high school. She then went to live with her aunt in Boston, where she attended several different universities before finally deciding to stay and work there. During these years, she read almost anything she could get her hands on, especially science fiction and fantasy books.

Why did SE Hinton use "s" instead of her name?

The Outsiders was released in 1967 by S. E. Hinton. She chose her initials, Susan Eloise, rather than her entire name, on the recommendation of her publisher, to avoid the inevitable criticism that female writers cannot write effectively from the perspective of males. However, this decision caused some confusion among readers who thought she was a male writer who used her initials.

Hinton had no control over how her books were published at the time and didn't become aware of the problem until many years later when she received letters from women claiming that they would not read further books by a man who could not use his full name. From then on, Hinton decided to use her full name when publishing novels.

In addition to being able to write more freely about female characters, Hinton also preferred using only her first name because it was simpler for fans to remember and talk about. Her friends and family members also used only her first name until much later in life. For example, Hinton's mother-in-law called her Susan until long after Hinton stopped using her last name.

Hinton explained that she used her initials because her publishers wanted to make sure that her books were selling well. She said she didn't care what people thought as long as they kept reading her books.

Her husband, Dave, doesn't think this was the reason she used her initials.

Why did it take SE Hinton so long to write The Outsiders?

Hinston began writing The Outsiders while still in high school. Susan Eloise Hinton began writing the novel at the age of 15 and was only 17 when it was first published. Hinton was driven to write after becoming dissatisfied with the absence of accessible pop culture for teens at the time. The Outsiders was a success when it was released in 1963 and has remained popular since then.

In an interview with Newsweek, Hinston said that she wrote The Outsiders because "teens were missing out on good movies and I wanted to give them something new to think about." She also commented that she wrote the book because "I was desperate to have a life" and that it gave her "a sense of purpose".

The novel tells the story of Ponyboy Curtis, a tough young man living in East Dallas, Texas who finds friendship and loyalty among three other young men known as the Outsiders. It depicts their adventures in a world full of violence and injustice where they are forced to fight for what they believe in despite the dangers that surround them. The novel is set in 1959 and focuses on the early years of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Ponyboy is based on Hinton herself while the other characters are fictional. However, she did admit that "some people think it's me" when they find out that the character of Dirk Manning is based on Jerry Bartell, a friend from school who went on to become an actor.

Why did Hinton start writing The Outsiders in high school?

S. E. Hinton started writing her first novel, The Outsiders, while still in high school. Hinton stated in an interview with The New Yorker magazine that one of the reasons she created the novel was because she was upset with the absence of realistic depictions of teenagers in literature. She also said that she wrote The Outsiders because she was angry about what had happened in her own life.

In addition to being angry about what had happened in her own life, Hinton was also frustrated by the lack of positive role models for young people offered in popular culture at the time. According to Hinton, many classic novels and films from the 1950s and '60s contained only negative images of youth: "There were just no good books for kids then. All they could find were crime fiction and horror stories." This is why Hinton decided to write a novel that presented a different perspective on adolescence. The young adult market was not very popular at the time, so Hinton chose to publish her work with a small press family instead.

The Outsiders deals with several controversial topics such as drug use, alcoholism, sexual abuse, and violence against women. However, Hinton claims these scenes are based on real-life incidents that she witnessed as a teenager in Oklahoma City. In addition, Hinton says she also uses characters from other stories she has written before turning them into heroes or villains.

How did SE Hinton come up with the name "ponyboy"?

S.E. Hinton created The Outsiders in her youth, motivated by gang violence at her Oklahoma high school. Ponyboy, as her narrator, becomes the reader's most recognized figure, and he stays representative of the novel and its issues. Ponyboy is his true name, which makes him even more different and unforgettable. He has blond hair like many other boys of his age, but because of a medical condition he looks younger than his friends.

In addition to being blind, Ponyboy is deaf and mute. This does not stop him from becoming one of the main characters in the story or from experiencing all that it means to be part of a group of teenagers living in the city.

Hinton based Ponyboy on one of her own friends, who she called "Pon" during her time at Norman High School. He had dark hair like many of the others and looked older than his real age (he was actually fifteen years old), so he seemed the perfect choice for her character. She also said that he resembled Tommy from The Breakfast Club, another young man who lived in an isolated neighborhood and who got involved with various kinds of trouble until he found out about love. Hinton wanted to write a book that would have an impact on her readers, and she thought that this character could help do that.

Ponyboy comes from a poor family. His father is often away from home working as a mechanic to provide money for them to eat.

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