What did the letter say to Lord Monteagle?

What did the letter say to Lord Monteagle?

Someone had written to Lord Monteagle and told him not to attend to Parliament the next day. He was warned that something horrible was about to happen. Writer Unknown This Parliament will be dealt a devastating blow tomorrow. Nonetheless, they should not be able to see who is causing them harm. If you are responsible, come forward now.

Lord Monteagle then sent for the King's messenger and read out the letter. The king's messenger said that someone named "Richard" was responsible for this attack and he should be brought before the court immediately. Richard was found inside a nearby castle and arrested. When asked what he had done, he said it was Lord Monteagle who ordered his men to kill everyone in Parliament tomorrow morning during their meeting on the battlefield.

Then Lord Monteagle ordered his men to go ahead with their plan as planned despite the warning from Parliament. But when the morning came and nobody showed up to vote, he called off the murder spree. It was then discovered that many of Lord Monteagle's supporters had decided to boycott the session instead. Only 80 members were present out of 590 votes, which meant that more than half of Parliament had ignored his orders.

When asked why he did it, Richard said that he was afraid that if he didn't do something soon, Lord Monteagle would get rid of him too.

Why does Lord Monteagle give the letter to Robert Cecil?

Lord Monteagle, his friend and brother-in-law, was among those he feared would be killed by the explosion. Tresham wrote Lord Monteagle a letter on October 26th, urging him not to attend Parliament on November 5th. Cecil organized a comprehensive search of the Houses of Parliament very away. When no trace of Tresham was found, it can be assumed that he was dead.

Cecil sent for Lord Monteagle because they were friends and allies. They had both married into opposite families with rival claims to the throne. Cecil needed someone on whom he could rely to help secure the future succession of their children. Monteagle knew the secrets of Tresham's prison cell and was able to provide information about the plot that no one else could have known.

They met in a secret chamber inside the Palace of Whitehall where letters from prisoners were usually handled. Lord Monteagle told Cecil what he knew about Tresham's plan, including the names of some people who might be willing to help him. Then he gave Cecil a letter for Tresham to read when he was next allowed out of his cell.

After hearing what Monteagle had to say, Cecil decided to act quickly before anyone discovered what he was doing. He ordered some of his servants to go to London Bridge and wait for news of the explosion.

What happened to Friar Laurence’s letter?

Friar John responds saying he was unable to deliver the letter because he was confined due to a plague epidemic. Friar Lawrence becomes agitated as he realizes that if Romeo is unaware of Juliet's false death, there will be no one to bring her back from the grave when she awakens. He decides to go to Mantua himself to warn Romeo and then return home as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Romeo has been searching for evidence that Juliet is still alive when he discovers that she has been buried in a tomb marked "Juliet". Overcome with grief, he dies. His body is taken to Paris where it is buried beside that of his love.

After hearing about Romeo's death, Friar Laurence travels to Montague's castle to inform Prince Escalus that his nephew has also died. As he leaves, he sees the tomb that Romeo had built for Juliet and weeps over her dead body.

The next day, Montague visits the tomb with Capulet to pay their respects to Romeo. They find the body of another young man inside the tomb who they believe to be a murderer named Tybalt. An angry Capulet threatens violence against Montague if he ever finds out who he really murdered.

Upon returning home, Montague tells his wife that something must have happened to Romeo because he never found the body of the supposed murderer.

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