What did the poet see in the yellow wood?

What did the poet see in the yellow wood?

This is from Robert Frost's poem "The Road Not Taken," in which the author notices orange and yellow leaves spread everywhere owing to the fall season. Then it is told that he is in a forest and sees two pathways covered in such leaves, and he is unsure which one to choose. So he stops and watches them both go by, thinking of all those who have gone before him and all who will follow after. This gives him time to reflect on life itself and how one should never neglect what is important in order to pursue what is not.

Now, what does this have to do with photography? Well, photographers love forests because they provide so many opportunities for great photos. There are trees of all kinds in forests, some tall and thin like poles, others small and round like balls. There are also vines that climb up these trees forming arbors where only certain species of plants can grow. Some trees are even bushy, with their branches forming an umbrella-like cover above a pool of water or close to a house where they provide shade and color during hot summer days.

When you go into a forest, you should open your eyes and mind too. You should look around and notice everything about the place: the colors of the leaves, the shapes of the trees, any animals living there. Then use your camera to record what you saw.

Why has the wood been called yellow?

Because it was autumn, the poet refers to the wood as "The Yellow Wood" in his poem "The Road Not Taken" (autumn). As a result, all of the leaves are yellow or yellowish-orange. The word "yellow" is used because that's what they looked like back then.

Also because trees use chlorophyll to store energy from sunlight for winter, when daylight hours are shorter and temperatures drop, they start producing more of this storage material called "blueness" or "yellowness" depending on your perspective. The more chlorophyll they have, the yellower they'll be during fall and winter.

Trees also produce red berries as part of their reproductive process. These contain chemicals that protect the seeds from animals who might eat them. But most animals find them unpalatable so don't eat them. Humans like the color red so these berries are usually not eaten by people either.

Finally, trees produce white flowers that become fruit. This is how apples, pears, and almonds come into existence. They aren't consumed immediately after pollination because the seeds need time to develop before they can be harvested.

Overall, trees change colors throughout the year.

What is the theme of two roads diverging in a yellow wood?

Theme of the Poem In a golden grove, two pathways divided, signifying a person's life. The narrator's selection regarding which path to travel depicts the various decisions we must occasionally make and how those decisions impact the future. It is not always clear which route will lead to happiness, but both options do so as long as you are alive.

The poem is about choice and how we can never know what will happen next in life. We can only proceed along the road chosen for us.

Two roads diverging in a yellow wood, when they are gone, you are lost. Perhaps one route is taken by each person and it is merely up to chance which one they take. Or maybe there is some reason why one person chooses one path and another person chooses the other path. No one can say for sure because no one remains to witness the endings.

It is also possible that both paths lead to the same place. But since we don't know what lies on either side of the forks, we cannot be sure of this. All we can do is choose one path and walk forward without looking back.

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