What did the writer ask the woman?

What did the writer ask the woman?

(a) The author went to the control center to inquire about the black jet in order to thank the pilot for saving his life. (a) When the writer heard the woman's words, he was taken aback since she said there was no other plane flying that night, despite what she saw on the radar. This means that she was wrong when she said that there was no other plane flying that night.

Thus, she had to be mistaken when she said that there was no other plane flying that night. This proves that what the writer saw on the radar was indeed a real jet flying into Kennedy Airport.

(b) Next, the author asked why the woman was still working at Kennedy Airport after all these years. She replied that she was still working at the airport because there were so many men who were trying to escape from Vietnam and Cambodia that she could not quit her job. This shows that women are also needed in aviation since they are often hired as flight attendants to serve drinks and snacks to the men behind the scenes of flights.

Women have always been needed in aviation since there are lots of jobs in this field that can't be done by men only. For example, pilots must be male since it is an occupation that requires great physical strength and ability. However, there are also many jobs in aviation that don't require any special skills or abilities. These include security guards, baggage handlers, and janitors.

Why was the writer shocked after hearing the woman’s words?

(a) After hearing the woman's words, the writer was taken aback since she stated that there was no other plane flying that night, contrary to what she had observed on the radar. This shows that she must have been wrong about there being no other plane around.

(b) The writer was also surprised by this strange woman's knowledge of aircraft types and numbers, since she assumed that she was just some random passenger. However, it turns out that the woman was an air traffic controller who managed to snag a job as a flight attendant without any previous experience. She therefore must have been familiar with most modern planes.

In conclusion, we can say that the writer was surprised by the woman's words since he thought that there would be more flights flying that night. This shows that he must have been wrong about this fact since there were actually not that many flights roaming across the sky that night.

Is Mrs. Wright a character?

Mrs. Wright is a character who does not appear in the scene but has an important part in the plot. Mrs. Wright was the slain John Wright's wife in the narrative. She was born outside of Kentucky and lived most of her life there. When she died, she was given a ceremonial burial by Indian tribes friends of the Wrights. After her death, Mr. Wright brought his children to live with him in Pennsylvania.

She is a central figure in the story because she is the one who tells the children that their father has been killed. Without this information, the children could have kept believing that he was still alive like before.

Mrs. Wright is a supporting character who plays an important role in the development of the characters.

Why did Rosalie Ham write to the dressmaker?

Furthermore, Ham has stated that she created The Dressmaker "accidentally": it is the result of her participation in an RMIT creative writing course that she had not meant to attend. She simply appeared and began spouting fire, inspired by her mother's profession as a tailor in a little provincial town. Before long, she was describing the entire outfit that Mary Allen had designed for her daughter.

When Rosalie was invited by her classmates to continue writing her story down, she decided that it would be better if someone else took over so that she could go out and buy some clothes. Thus was born The Dressmaker, which later became a full-length novel.

It is interesting to note that, even though The Dressmaker is considered a feminist work, there are no female characters who can be identified as such. Rosalie Ham may have been influenced by other women's success, but she was also conscious of the need to create a story that people would want to read.

In conclusion, we can say that Rosalie Ham wrote to express herself and show what kind of stories women could tell.

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