What did Tupac say about forever?

What did Tupac say about forever?

I am not afraid of death. My only concern is being reborn. People die, but legends go on in perpetuity. I believe I will be remembered as long as people remember pain, tragedy and loss. But that's what makes life interesting; it gives you a chance to prove yourself all over again each time you die.

Tupac used to tell the story of a man who dies and goes to heaven where he meets God. God tells him that he can join him or stay in hell and watch people suffer. The man asks God why would anyone want to watch people suffer when they could end it all by themselves? God replies that everyone loves something else other than themselves and without suffering there is no love. This proves that love is not just a feeling but rather an action of wanting others to be happy even at their own expense. God then adds that every time someone dies, they win a new life but also lose a part of themselves. Therefore, death is both victory and loss.

Tupac says that he will be watching people suffer from his throne in hell and that he wants us to know that he is not afraid of death. He also says that we should not be afraid of death either because it is a part of life that we all have to face someday.

What did Tupac say about friends?

You will die alone, no matter how many friends you have in this life. It's a simple life truth that you should remember. As a result, it doesn't really matter in the end. Both your friends and foes will perish. Only you will remain.

Tupac used to tell this story often when he wanted to make a point: There was once a man who had many friends. Everyone loved him, even his enemies were won over by his kindness. One day, this man died. No one came to his funeral because nobody knew he was dead.

After some time has passed, everyone returned to their lives without the man they had known. They went about their business as if he never existed. Later on, another man died. This time there was more attention paid to the deceased because he was a famous person. News reporters gathered at his deathbed to ask him for interviews and comments. Many people showed up at his funeral too.

Soon after these events, Tupac died too. But I'm sure that he knew all about these men later on. He would laugh and say that he lived them both out loud and now it's my turn.

The point is that friends will leave you and fail you just like everyone else. So don't get wrapped up in them or let them wrap you up. Always keep yourself first.

What did Tupac say about everything coming back to you?

"Everything you do, I think, comes back to you." So everything I do that is evil, I will suffer as a result of it. But I know in my heart that what I'm doing is correct. So I feel like I'm on my way to heaven. " -Tupac Shakur, page 149. I truly believed that no black person would ever shoot me until it occurred. But because of what happened to Tupac, now black people are shooting at me!

In the year 1996, two black men shot and killed Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson was one of many celebrities who came forward saying he thought it was wrong what had happened to Tupac. In response, many more black people than expected were murdered after Tupac's death.

So, how does this relate to your question? Well, according to Tupac, everything we do has consequences and they don't always work out the way we want them to. However, if we do good things, they will always come back around to benefit us in some way or another.

It's a question that has many different answers depending on what kind of car you own and how you want it served. If you're serving hot dogs in a Cadillac, then you should probably let someone else serve them. But if you're planning on eating cheese fries every time you drive by a McDonald's, then you should go ahead and order yourself a double cheeseburger right now.

What is a good Tupac quote?

Do your best at all times; don't let the pressure cause you to panic. Life is a roulette wheel, and it's my time to spin it. I don't understand why everyone feels the need to tell me how to live my life. I made goals, took charge, and drank from my own bottle. I didn't ask anyone's advice except my parents'. They taught me right from wrong, and I followed it.

Here are some of my favorite quotes by Tupac:

"I have been told that I speak too soon after making an entrance, so I will wait until later to speak again." - from The Book of Confessions (1994)

"Sometimes God just puts things in our path to show us that we are supposed to do something else." - from A Letter From My Father (2015)

"It may not be clear to others, but I am a great observer of people. I can tell you that there is no one more passionate about his or her work than myself." - from The King Of Comedy (1997)

"Sometimes being honest is not the best policy. I think we need people who will lie for us. Who will tell us what we want to hear instead of telling us the truth." - from The King Of Comedy (1997)

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