What difference has been made by his choice?

What difference has been made by his choice?

His decision has changed everything in his life. (v) Paraphrased formalized "I went the one less traveled by," the poet continues, "and that has made all the difference." The difference is that he did not select that path in life, as most people do in order to get easy success, fame, and money. He chose what many consider to be a harder road because he wanted to make a statement about how he would live his life.

Some may say that he failed at what he had set out to do, but we know that this was not true, for he had made a profound impact on society with his words. (vi) He had shown other poets that it was possible to travel outside of the normal paths in life and still achieve greatness.

Furthermore, he has not failed because he has not died yet. He lives on through his works which continue to influence people to this day.

His belief that anything can be done if you want it bad enough shows that even though life may challenge you and tell you that you cannot do something, if you really want to accomplish something great, you can find a way to make it happen.

What difference has been made by his choice in the poem, The Road Not Taken?

In a wood, two paths diverged, and he "followed the one less traveled by." The roads are amazing life metaphors. (v) "I went the one less traveled by," the poet continues, "and that has made all the difference."

His choice was not what we might call "rational" because rationality is about making decisions based on facts that are known or believed to be true. In this case, the poet did not know which road would lead him out of the forest, so he chose neither one. He took a chance that one way would give him escape while the other would keep him trapped.

Sometimes we should follow our hearts instead of our heads. Our brains like things done a certain way and often get in the way when it comes to making important decisions. We need to listen to our hearts when choosing between two options because they both seem right at first glance. Only by taking action can we find out if either choice is really better for us.

Which road does the poet choose? Does he regret his decision?

The poet chose the less trafficked path since it was green and less weathered. The poet regretted his decision because he believed that if he had gone the other path, he would have been successful and his life would have been different. The other path led to success, while his path did not. This shows that although going the safe route may seem like the right thing to do at the time, you should always take the riskier path since it could lead to success.

Maintaining the status quo is never a good idea. Since both paths lead to success, why not try something new? Only by taking risks can you achieve greatness.

Which road does the poet choose? Why is he happy about his decision?

Because it had a superior claim, the poet selected the less used way. It was green and had not seen much use. Yes, he is pleased since he states in a line that his decision made all the difference. He considers himself successful in life since he chose the path that led him to his intended goal.

This is an example of moral judgment. The poet has chosen the right path because it was the most reasonable choice given the circumstances. He is happy with his decision because it enabled him to reach his destination. This shows that sometimes we know what course of action to take even though we may not feel like it is the best one. Sometimes we do not feel like going against our morals but still follow them because they are the right thing to do.

In addition, by choosing the lesser used road the poet has shown courage because it was not the easiest option available to him. Note that courage is not just having the nerve to do something; it is also being aware enough of your surroundings to realize when it is needed so you can act accordingly.

Finally, the poet has demonstrated integrity since he has followed through on his decision even after it became clear that this would not be easy. He has shown respect for others by not forcing the issue if it turned out that the better road was actually the one that he should have taken in the first place.

What choice did the poet face?

The poet claims that his decision to choose that specific path influenced his life. The poet takes the less traveled route and encounters difficulties. He wonders if he made the right choice.

Choice is an important factor in our lives. It determines what happens next in the story of each one of us. There are many choices we make every day. Some are big, such as which path to take in life. Others are small, such as whether or not to accept a friend's offer to go out for coffee. All together these small decisions add up to make up our lives.

There are two main types of choices we make: meaningful and mundane. Meaningful choices are those that lead us down certain paths in life. For example, when you were a young man, there was only one career option available to you: becoming a doctor. You could have chosen to be a lawyer or a teacher but there was only one way to become a doctor. This is a meaningful choice because it leads to better opportunities and a more successful life.

Some people may question why a young man would want to be a doctor when there are so many other options available to him. However, this choice wasn't made lightly; instead, it was based on what he wanted to achieve in his life.

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