What do Claudius's letters demand of England?

What do Claudius's letters demand of England?

To assassinate Hamlet right away. What are Claudius' letters requesting of England? Because he is willing to lose his life to fight for a worthless cause in order to retain his dignity, yet Hamlet is unwilling to murder Claudius in order to avenge his father's death. Therefore, Claudius demands that England send him someone who will kill Hamlet.

Claudius also requests a lot of money because it is customary for the king or queen of England to give gifts upon meeting with other monarchs. Finally, he requests more ships so that he can continue to expand his empire even after his death.

England agrees to send two assassins because they believe that this matter is too important to ignore. However, both assassins are unsuccessful because one is caught before he reaches Denmark and the other one dies during the mission.

Now let's look at the letters again. The first letter asks England to send someone to kill Hamlet right away because if Claudius does not act quickly, then he will be seen as weak by everyone and lose respect from his enemies. The second letter asks England to send him soldiers because he needs more troops in order to finish building his army. The third letter asks for more ships so that Claudius can continue to expand his empire after he dies. Finally, the fourth letter asks for more money so that Claudius can buy more soldiers and ships.

What do Claudius's letters tell England to do with Hamlet? Why does Claudius expect to be obeyed?

The letters instruct England to execute Hamlet upon his arrival since he was insane and a menace to the monarchy. B. Claudius expected to be followed because Denmark had conquered most of England at the time, and England had just "ignored tribute" to Denmark.

Claudius also complains about the weather and food in England. There are also several references to previous relationships between Denmark and England that may have influenced this decision.

Claudius believed that Prince Hamlet was responsible for his father's death, so he decided to kill him. However, when it came time to enact his plan, he found himself unable to go through with it. Therefore, he sent Horatio to take care of things instead.

Horatio is one of only two characters in the play who speaks every line of the script. All the other characters are either dead or absent. Even so, he manages to make an impression on everyone around him. He is a loyal friend to Claudius as well as King Hamlet during their times of need. He also seems to know everything that goes on in court even though he is there to observe politics not magic. This makes him a valuable ally to Claudius since he can get information from people who might otherwise not talk to him.

Horatio starts out as a spectator of all that happens in court but soon becomes involved in some of the events himself.

What does Claudius ask of England, and why does he think England will help him carry out his plan?

Claudius believes England will assist him in executing Hamlet because England is obliged to Denmark for undefined deeds in Hamlet. Claudius decides to kill Hamlet rather than exile him because he regards him as a threat and suspects him of knowing about his father's death. Claudius also wants to secure the throne for himself.

England has been at war with Denmark since 1801 but signs a peace treaty with France instead. King Edward III promises to marry his daughter Elizabeth to make peace with France but this marriage never takes place. Instead, England enters into an alliance with Sweden to prevent Denmark from attacking them. This alliance ends when Norway joins England and Sweden in fighting against Denmark.

So, England helps Denmark by providing weapons and ships but not by fighting alongside them. The relationship between these two countries becomes hostile again when Edward IV succeeds to the English throne. He is the brother of Queen Elizabeth who was married to Prince Charles of Denmark. So, he feels threatened by Hamlet who wants to overthrow him and puts up resistance against him. Finally, defeated by Prince Charles' army, Edward IV dies. Then, Queen Elizabeth sends her son Prince Edward to be king of England instead. But Prince Edward doesn't want to rule over a country that is still at war with Denmark so he goes back to England where he is made king under the name of Edward V. However, after his return from Denmark, he is no longer seen or heard of again.

What will be brought to England in Hamlet?

According to legend, Hamlet is dispatched to England to collect a debt due to Denmark. The sole reason Claudius sends Hamlet is to get rid of him. The two guys with the lengthy, difficult-to-type names are just travelling to England to deliver a letter to King Claudius. However, it is suspected that they are really planning on killing him.

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