What does it mean when it says "no gold can stay?"?

What does it mean when it says "no gold can stay?"?

"Stay gold," an allusion to a Robert Frost poem, is said by Ponyboy to Johnny while the two hide out in the Windrixville Church. "Nothing gold can stay," one line of the poem says, implying that all beautiful things must come to an end. Johnny advises Ponyboy to stay gold, or innocent.

Ponyboy's last words as he rides off into the sunset are also an allusion to another Frost poem: "The road not taken-...that's not exactly right either...but close enough."

They say farewell and goodbye here. It is the end of the story for our main character.

This is a novel written by young adult author Michael Grant. The book was first published in 1980. It has been translated into many languages and is now one of the best-selling children's books of all time.

Grant wrote several more books in the Ponyboy series. They are all worth reading.

How does "nothing gold can stay" relate to life?

By the end of the story, the lads had applied this concept to their childhood naivety, believing that they will never be free of the harsh facts of life. When asked why, he replies: "Because nothing gold can stay." This shows that even though things may seem like they are going well for you, you should still keep an open mind and not become too comfortable with your situation.

This idea is also related to another famous quote called "hope springs eternal". This means that even though we know life is difficult and hope sometimes seems out of reach, it is always there waiting for us at the end of our struggles. Even when we think everything is lost, something inside us knows better and so we must keep fighting until the end.

Hope is important because it gives us strength to keep going even when things look bleakest. And without hope, what's the point in living?

Finally, this idea is related to death. The lads were just kids who had no idea what life was going to throw at them, but once they realized this, they didn't want to forget how to be happy. So Johnny tells them to stay gold because nothing gold can stay. He doesn't want them to lose their happiness even when danger comes their way.

What does the message about staying gold mean for ponyboys?

Throughout Johnny's letter, he interprets Robert Frost's poem by telling Pony that keeping gold is synonymous with being youthful, innocent, and hopeful in life. Johnny urges Ponyboy to stay gold and to spread the same message to Dally, who sorely needs to see the bright side of life.

Here's how one fan character described Pony's reaction to the message:

"Oh man, this is some good news! I always knew there was something beautiful about gold, even if it isn't really that beautiful itself. It's just like what Johnny said, you know? 'Stay gold, and fight disease.' Well, I'm definitely gonna try my best to keep golding out here on the streets. And also, maybe I can give Dally a little boost too...?"

So basically, this message means that you shouldn't let yourself get sick or injured, because then you would no longer be golden. You should also try to help others, since that will make your life more meaningful and less empty.

What does Johnny mean by "nothing gold can stay"?

He informs Pony that he understands what the poet means when he says "nothing gold can stay." Johnny is discussing innocence, childhood, and purity. Pony has grown up in a nasty and grimy environment, yet he still manages to keep shining and golden, and he tells him to STAY GOLD!

Pony knows that something bad will happen if he stays in Child's Park but he doesn't know how bad it will be. He also knows that there is good inside of him that wants to come out, just like there is evil inside of him that wants to come out. If he leaves, then good luck will leave with him and the world will become dark again. Maybe even forever.

So, innocence must be fought for every day. It cannot be taken for granted. It must be protected at all costs. Otherwise, it will be lost forever.

What does "Ponyboy" mean by "nothing gold can stay"?

Ponyboy initially recites Robert Frost's poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay" to Johnny Cade in Chapter 5 of The Outsiders. The guys are looking at the sunrise and... See the complete response below. Our specialists can help you with your difficult homework and study issues.

What does it mean to be gold as referenced in this poem?

Nothing golden can endure. Robert Frost wrote the poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay." The poem's theme is that everything begins young and innocent, but it cannot last. Because there are so many forces in life that might corrupt us, good is "the hardest colour to keep."

Frost was a contemporary of T. S. Eliot. They both worked at Harvard University but were not friends. Still, they shared some similarities. Like Frost, Eliot also lived into his early 40s but didn't publish any more poems after he turned 40. Also like Frost, Eliot was interested in modern subjects such as politics and society. He also liked writing about poetry itself.

Eliot's famous poem "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" uses language very similar to "Nothing Gold Can Stay". Even though these two poems were written several years apart, they deal with the same subject: corruption. In "J. Alfred Prufrock", evil starts with a single act and grows until it destroys everything good about our lives. But "Nothing Gold Can Stay" tells us that even if evil starts small, it can still end up destroying everything we hold dear.

It's interesting to note that both poets were interested in politics but only one of them became a politician himself. However, Frost never held public office. He did work for the federal government during World War II but that was mostly an administrative job.

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