What does it mean when it says the fog comes on little cat feet?

What does it mean when it says the fog comes on little cat feet?

The poem is an extended metaphor, with the author imagining the fog as a cat approaching on small, quiet steps, like cats do while stalking, for example. Only a cat can move in this manner, nearly subtly and completely silently. Humans cannot do this because our large feet make much noise when walking.

Cats have very good eyesight but can't see very well in low light because they have no night vision equipment like humans do. So they use other senses to find their way around at night. They also have very sensitive ears which help them navigate by listening for noises they know are made by people. Finally, they use their sense of smell to find their way around. Fog tends to be very thick and heavy with moisture content, so it blocks out most sources of light including sunlight and street lights. This makes it perfect cover for moving about unseen.

Cat feet don't make much noise because they are flat and have four legs instead of two. A regular walking motion involves each leg being lifted up one at a time until its foot strikes the ground, then brought back down again. Because cats have flat feet, they can walk without making any sound at all.

Fog comes on little cat feet because it creeps up on its victims, leaving them no time to react.

How does the poet describe the fog?

Through the use of animal images, the poet gives the fog a sense of movement and life. The fog is seen as coming in on small 'cat' feet, looking over the port and city before moving out on haunches. It is this combination of stillness and violence that makes the fog so terrifying.

The poet uses allusions to things that we know from experience are frightening such as cats, dogs, lions and wolves to describe the fog. However, even though these animals are dangerous they are still viewed as creatures that have feelings and emotions just like people. This shows that even though the fog may look and sound scary it is not really trying to harm anyone.

Another way in which the poet describes the fog is by saying that it has many faces. We know that humans can be very deceptive and the fog is no exception to this. Even though the fog may appear to be a harmless creature that wants only good for us, it can also hide other more sinister beings that want nothing but our destruction.

Finally, the poet describes the fog as mysterious. Even though we know that the fog comes in waves and moves across the sea, we will never understand exactly what causes this phenomenon. Why does it come in waves and why does it move across the water? No one knows!

What message does the poem convey?

Answer: The poet's intention in the poem "Fog" is to depict the unique quality of fog. This is comparable to the nature of a cat, who likes to hang around and observe the city and its environs. Finally, the fog slips away silently on its haunches. Thus, the poem conveys the idea that even though fog may seem permanent, it is actually fleeting.

What does the fog do in the end?

The answer is given below. It is apparent from the preceding words that the fog eventually goes on. The comparison of fog to a cat is highly fitting since the reader understands that the fog approaches silently, much like a cat. In fact, when viewed from the air, fog looks like a huge cloud of smoke that moves slowly across the landscape.

Fog is one of nature's most mysterious and awesome phenomena. Fog occurs when water vapor in the atmosphere condenses into droplets that are large enough to see with the naked eye. As these droplets fall under their own weight they form clouds. Fog usually indicates that something is wrong with the environment: pollution, fire, or natural disaster can all cause fog to form. But fog can also be caused by weather conditions such as low temperatures and high humidity. The color of fog varies depending on the type of substance that causes it to form. Black fog results from combustion products such as soot or smoke, while grayish white fog is made up of mineral dust particles. Blue-green fog is caused by chemicals released into the atmosphere during forest fires.

In conclusion, fog ends up covering everything in its path. This includes animals, humans, and even other fog!

What figurative language does the fog come in on little cat feet?

It rests silently on its haunches, staring out over the port and city, before moving on. What does the cat metaphor have to say about fog? The metaphor demonstrates how fog may be compared to a cat in a variety of aspects, including attitude, sound, mobility, position, and intention. Cats are known for their stealthy nature and ability to move with great speed and precision. Likewise, fog is a subtle and elusive creature that can sneak up on you from anywhere at any time.

Cats also have nine lives, which means they can be reborn into different families each time they are killed. Much like fog, cats tend to reappear after being blown away by wind or burned by fire. Even though they go through life-and-death situations constantly, they never show it. Instead, they take every situation in their stride and use it to grow stronger.

Finally, cats are very independent creatures that dislike being controlled or dominated by other people or things. Fog doesn't need anyone else's permission to go wherever it wants, do whatever it wants, and act how it wants. This is why it's easy for fog to come in on little cat feet and leave no trace behind.

Fog has been described as "a thin film that covers a body of water" or "a nebulous white mass". It begins to appear when it is almost night time and continues to get thicker until the sun comes out.

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