What does it take for evil to flourish?

What does it take for evil to flourish?

As the great Edmund Burke once observed, all that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. The remarks were attributed to Burke, and a letter from 1795 was used as proof: 18.2 The only thing that is required for evil to win is for decent folks to do nothing. I have seen this stated over and over again by many authors as an explanation for why evil always wins in stories. It's a true statement that is very easy to understand once you think about it.

In reality, Burke probably didn't say anything like this. But he came close. And his words still apply today even though they were made nearly 200 years ago. All that is required for evil to prevail is for good people to look the other way or get involved in something else. Sometimes they don't even need to act; just failing to intervene when actions cause harm can be as effective as taking part in it.

Evil can be found in everyone. We see its effects in acts of violence, sexual abuse, neglect, and other types of cruelty. But evil also has a personal form; it is found in the thoughts of hate, resentment, greed, and other negative emotions. This dark side lives within us all, waiting for an opportunity to express itself.

Sometimes that opportunity comes in the form of committing an act of evil. But more often than not, it arrives in small ways every day.

When does evil triumph when good men do nothing?

On January 12, Evil Will Triumph Because Good Men Do Nothing. "All that is required for evil to win is for decent folks to do nothing." Edmund Burke, a British statesman, is credited with this famous phrase. It has been used as an explanation for the success of tyranny and oppression.

In reality, it's just another example of the many false prophecies in history that have proved to be wrong. However, since it is such a popular quote among people who want to believe in fate or destiny, we can assume that it is at least partially true.

This statement makes sense if you think about it from a moral standpoint. If you were living in a world where all acts of kindness resulted in happiness and prosperity for those who performed them, then wouldn't you just go around doing good things and seeing what happens?

The problem is that most people aren't like this. They expect bad things to happen to them and good things to happen to others. This is why there are so many sad stories in the news every day. Most people don't live their lives without sinning at some point, so when they fail they feel like it must be their punishment.

But the truth is that bad things always happen to good people and good things always happen to bad people.

What makes evil flourish and good men do nothing?

Simon Wiesenthal: All that is required for evil to grow is It just takes the inaction of decent persons for evil to grow. The only thing that is required for evil to win is for decent folks to do nothing. Burke, Edmund Character is what makes someone good: integrity, honesty, compassion, charity, moral bravery, and so forth. Someone who is good wants others to be happy and avoids doing things that would make them suffer. Evil people don't care about other people's feelings; they only care about themselves. They may say they want to help others, but really they are just looking out for number one.

Evil people do nothing because they are lazy or feel like it won't make a difference. But if you think about it, their inaction amounts to participation, which makes them partners with evil.

Good people do something because they have morals and believe in justice. They see wrong being done around them and decide not to keep quiet about it. They may not be strong enough to fight off evil individuals, but together, they can change the world for the better.

Of all the questions I have been asked over the years, this is probably my favorite answer. Thank you for asking and for believing in me!

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