What does Mercutio think is in the letter?

What does Mercutio think is in the letter?

When Benvolio tells Mercutio about the letter, Mercutio claims it contains "a challenge to my life" (2.4). He believes that it must be a letter from Romeo and that there must be danger involved.

Does the play answer this question? Yes, it does. When Benvolio reads the letter out loud to the others, they believe him and are afraid for his life. However, later we find out that it was all a lie created by Juliet to get rid of her family problems.

What is Mercutio saying about Benvolio? What might his tone of voice be here?

What is Mercutio saying about Benvolio in lines 15–31? What is the tone of his voice here? Mercutio claims that Benvolio states he will not do something, but then does it anyhow. Mercutio's voice might be harsh or solemn. He uses the word "ha" (pronounced like "hah") several times to show anger.

Benvolio is saying that he will not fight Tybalt because he knows that they will both die. However, Tybalt's death would bring him joy, so he decides to go ahead and fight anyway. This shows that Benvolio is not very strong willed.

Mercutio insults Benvolio by calling him a coward. However, it seems like he is also trying to convince himself that Benvolio is a coward too. Perhaps he thinks that if Benvolio refuses to fight Tybalt, then he must have good reason for it.

He ends up killing Tybalt anyway. So, Mercutio was wrong about Benvolio being a coward.

What was Mercutio’s reaction to the letter?

Benvolio informs in Act 2, Scene 4 that Tybalt has despatched a letter to Lord Montague's mansion. "A challenge to my life," Mercutio responds (2.4.9). He goes on to declare his undying love for Olivia and asks her to marry him.

Olivia replies with a promise of marriage in the future. But this isn't enough for Mercutio who wants an answer now. So she writes back saying that since they are both young and love makes itself known through words as well as actions she will marry him in three months time when he has grown up a little bit more.

Mercutio is overjoyed by this news and they go off into a corner to talk privately about their love for one another.

But this doesn't last long because soon after that they hear Tybalt shouting at Romeo for having killed his cousin. With great haste, they run off in different directions trying to escape from Tybalt but it is too late. He has already found Romeo and now they are going to fight to the death. Mercutio tries to stop them but it is no use. Soon after, he dies cursing Romeo out loud.

What is ironic about what Mercutio says to Benvolio?

Mercutio's comment about Benvolio, whose name means "one who demonstrates good will and charity," is ironic. Mercutio's visions of Benvolio provoking fights are inconsistent with his character; for example, he accuses Benvolio of being the kind of guy who would "quarrel with a man...over some trifle."

Benvolio is not the fighter that Mercutio thinks him to be. In fact, he is so unwilling to get involved in any conflict that he rejects several opportunities to fight duels himself. Instead, he urges those who quarrel to resolve their issues peacefully.

It is this quality that makes him a good fit for Romeo, who also prefers peace over violence. Although they have been friends since they were children, it is only now that Benvolio learns that Romeo is going to marry Juliet. When Romeo refuses to change his mind, saying that he must go fight the Parisians even though he knows that this will probably mean his death, Benvolio tells him not to worry because there is another way for them to escape from Tybalt's territory.

This other way consists in pretending to be dead and waiting until the time is right to resume their journey. But Romeo won't accept this as a solution, so Benvolio has no choice but to go ahead with the plan he had started.

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