What does Mr. Ewell say happened that day?

What does Mr. Ewell say happened that day?

Now, Mr. Ewell, tell us what happened on August 21st in your own words. A: That night, I was returning from the woods with a load of firewood when I heard Mayella crying as I approached the gate. So I dropped my kindling and raced as quickly as I could, but I collided with the fence. I climbed it, but there was no sign of Mayella. So I went home, loaded up my wagon, and went back to search for her.

Q: What did you find? A: Her body was lying in the middle of the yard. She had been beaten very badly. All her bones were visible, even though they were covered with only a thin layer of skin and blood.

Q: How did this affect you? A: It destroyed me. I fell into a deep depression and didn't get out of it for months. During that time, I drank heavily and used opium to try to get rid of my pain, but it only made things worse. Finally, I got a job working on a railroad crew that took me away from Mayella's death for several hours each day. When I returned home at night, I would collapse into bed without even taking off my clothes or eating anything. The only thing that kept me going was knowing that someone needed me back at the house, so Mayella's mother let me stay.

Q: Do you think you could have saved her? A: I doubt it.

When Bob Ewell is called to the stand, what does he testify?

This is the current response. In Chapter 17, Bob Ewell takes the witness stand and describes what he witnessed on November 21st. Mr. Ewell begins by describing how he was coming from the woods with a bundle of firewood when he heard Mayella cry from inside the house. He runs back into the yard and finds the body of Mayella Ewell. When asked about his relationship to the victim, he admits to being married to her but says they have been separated for several months. He also reveals that she has another husband named Zeke who lives in or near Jackson. When questioned by Mr. Gryce, Bob Ewell explains that he took out his anger over Mayella leaving him for another man by killing her.

In conclusion, Bob Ewell's testimony helps secure his own conviction. The fact that he admitted to killing Mayella Ewell proves that he is guilty of murder even though it may have been in a fit of rage. This case could not have ended any other way considering the lack of evidence against Bob Taylor.

What did Tom do at Ewell House?

Mayella yelled out to Tom as he went by the Ewell residence, asking him to repair a door inside the house. He determined that there was nothing amiss with the door and prepared to depart. Mayella then requested him to retrieve a box from the top of the chiffarobe. When Tom went into the room to get the box, Mayella crept up behind him and stabbed him in the back with a pair of scissors! She then ran away from the house.

Tom fell forward against the chifforobe and dropped the box he was carrying. Inside the box were his ears! Mayella had cut off his ears and thrown them outside of the house.

She had done this because she knew that her father would not harm him. She also wanted to scare him off so that no one would marry him. Her plan worked: when Tom saw what she had done, he fled the town completely. No one has seen or heard from him since then...

...except for his friend Henry. When Tom disappeared, Henry took over his duties at the inn. He still works there today if you visit Ewell House today.

Here is how the story ends: after Tom's disappearance, Mayella grew sick and died. The family who lived at Ewell House didn't want anything to do with her body so they buried her in an unmarked grave near the inn.

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