What does "outgoing" in a group text mean?

What does "outgoing" in a group text mean?

Any answers to that message are shown in your chat with that individual, so if you send a multi-recipient message to John, Anna, James, and Mary, it displays as Outgoing. You subsequently receive a response from John, which is visible in your chat with him. Similar to incoming messages.

What does "outgoing message" mean?

An outbound message is one that may be delivered to one or more recipients across one or more messaging platforms or saved to a message store folder. Outbound messages can include email, text messages, social media posts and other types of communications.

What does "reply" mean in email?

A Reply occurs when your email is sent to a single person—either the person who wrote the initial email or the person who sent the most recent message in the thread to which you're responding. Reply It's everything when you answer to everyone on the thread. When you send a reply, your email client automatically includes a copy of the original message in the thread.

How do group texts work?

Group messaging enables you to send a single text message (MMS) to several phones and get responses in a single conversation. Open Contacts+ settings >> messaging >> tick the group messaging box to allow group messaging. Group messages are still limited to 160 characters, but you can send them to as many contacts as you like.

You can also set up custom reply messages for different groups of recipients. For example, you could say "I'm going to the movies tonight - any one interested?" and then you could have separate groups for "Yes," "No," and "Maybe." As soon as someone joins your group, they will receive the message and can decide whether or not to join it. If they don't join within 24 hours, they will be removed from the list.

Here's how it works: You create the group message and add the contacts you want to send it to. Then, you hit Send and your message will be sent out to all the recipients at once.

It's best used when you want to send the same message to a large number of people simultaneously. For example, if there's a sale at your favorite store, you can send out a group message with a link to it so everyone can go at once.

Group messaging was first introduced by the iPhone back in 2011.

Why does an iPhone text message say "outgoing"?

If you and your receivers have Apple devices and iMessage is enabled, the group message will be sent as an iMessage. When you send a group message to someone who isn't utilizing iMessage, the message is delivered as an MMS or SMS message. An MMS is a multimedia messaging service that allows users to attach images, videos, and audio files in messages. Users can also add links to web pages while sending MMSs. SMS messages are short text messages that can only contain 160 characters. These messages can't include attachments.

I don't have an iPhone but why do my Android texts say "outgoing"?"

On Android phones, similar to how iPhones detect whether or not you have iMessage enabled, most smartphones detect when you're using SMS/MMS mode instead of email mode. This means that whenever you send a message to one with a phone number, it will display as "outgoing."

An Android user will see this message every time they open their mobile phone mailbox to find a new message. If you don't want that to happen, simply switch over to email mode by following these steps: Open the Google Play Store app. Search for "email client." Select one of the results. Follow the instructions on your screen to set up your email account with the selected app.

What does "outgoing" mean in the English dictionary?

Instead of being received, an outbound phone call or email is made or sent by one person to another: he sent me an email, so I know that he wants to keep on talking with me.

An outgoing person is one who is lively and active; someone who makes friends easily and has a good time. Outgoing people are not afraid to speak their mind or express themselves.

In the workplace, an outgoing employee is one who is not hesitant to ask questions or take initiative. He can be seen as someone who is not shy about getting things done. On the other hand, an introvert who desires privacy and peace will likely avoid direct contact with others unless essential to her job.

As a noun, an outgoing person is known for his/her friendly nature and ability to make friends easily. Friends tell us that we are outgoing because we always have a smile on our face and we like to talk with everyone we meet. An example sentence could be "Mary is an extremely outgoing person."

Outgoingness is a personality trait characterized by confidence, friendliness, and enthusiasm. The word comes from the Latin word, effusius, meaning "flow out," and it describes people who appear to be freely giving off energy.

What does "automatic reply" mean in email?

Use automated responses to notify those who send you email that you will not be replying to their messages immediately away. When automated answers are enabled, they are sent once to each sender. These notifications can be accepted or declined by the recipient. If a recipient clicks the link in the notification to update her profile and specifies that she no longer wants to receive these notifications, then they will stop arriving.

Automated replies are useful for several reasons:

They let you know who is sending you messages without interrupting your work. This is particularly important if you get a lot of mail from one person - they won't be able to send more messages until you reply.

They save you time by letting you answer emails while working on other things.

They protect your privacy by avoiding a direct response from you to each individual message.

How do I enable automatic replies in Gmail?

Open the Gmail menu at the top right of the screen and select Settings. Then click on the Options button under Mail Settings. From here you will see the Automatic Responses section which includes the options to Enable/Disable them.

Gmail uses a series of rules to determine what actions to take when receiving messages.

How do you reply to a text message?

Double-tap or press and hold the message to which you want to respond. 4. In the pop-up, choose the reaction you want to send. As soon as you select one, the person who sent the SMS will be notified. You can also add a comment if you want.

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