What does the poet want to be over in the sonnet "Lvii: Sweet Warrior"?

What does the poet want to be over in the sonnet "Lvii: Sweet Warrior"?

He wishes to put an end to all fights and battles between them and live in total peace with her: "Make peace, and grant me opportune grace, so all my wounds may heal in little space."

The poet wants Lavinia to become his wife. But Lavinia belongs to another man, a man who has fought many battles for her love. If the poet is going to get what he wants, he will have to fight too. So he asks her to give up her husband because only married women were allowed to marry outside of their family members then he will do as she asked.

Lavinia's father, the king, refuses to let her marry anyone except someone who is as good or better than he is. So the poet decides to help him out by making Lavinia believe that there is still danger around every corner. She will think that if she doesn't marry the poet then she might be killed. This will make the king let her marry whoever she wants.

At the end of the poem, it says that both Lavinia and the poet were made immortal people by being dipped in holy water. This means that they will never die anymore.

I think the poet wants to be over Lavinia because she is beautiful and he wants to marry her.

How does the poet propose to win over other countries?

Answer The poet recommends using the heavenly energy of love to conquer other countries. It is a universal truth that love and compassion have a good impact on the world. As a result, the poet intends to utilize it to put an end to all hatred and violence and to establish a peaceful heaven on Earth.

Love is an irresistible force which cannot be resisted. All nations will fall in love with America if she dedicates herself to serving others through humanitarian causes. We can make the world feel happy by expressing our own joy and thanking those who made us feel fortunate. This will create a sense of goodwill and cooperation between people. Countries will then want to trade with America because they will believe we are a trustworthy partner.

America has the power to make the whole world love her by loving others first. Showing care for others will make them trust you and want to help you. Only then will they give their approval to your policies and activities. Make America proud by showing her that you deserve to live in peace and harmony.

Why is the speaker of Sonnet No. 57, Sweet Warrior, seeking peace with the warrior?

In the sonnet, the poet describes himself as a mere slave, pleading with her in order to make her accept his proposal. He wants to end all the conflicts and wars between them and wants to live in complete peace with her. Spenser wants the war to be over. He does not want to fight anymore because it hurts too much.

He asks her to let him go so that he can stop fighting and allow themselves to live in peace. She says that she will if he promises to return home when you are done fighting. This means that if he stops fighting her then she will stop fighting him. This way, they can live together in peace.

Spenser did promise to return home when you are done fighting. So he went back home to Ireland where he was born. There, he lived out his life in peace writing about his adventures until he died at the age of 85.

This poem is one of the few written by Spenser that are not about chivalry. They focus more on love than on fighting. This poem may help explain why he wrote such poems. Maybe he wanted to show other poets that there was more to love than fighting.

I think this poem is about friendship because the poet is begging his sweetheart to stop fighting him so that they can be friends.

How does the poet feel about dying for his country?

The speaker is at peace with the prospect of death, even embraces it. That's because he considers death to be a noble sacrifice, part of his way of repaying his country's affection. He's not afraid to die because he knows that his body will be used for science, and that other soldiers will take his place.

This poem is often considered one of the most famous poems of all time. Robert Frost was only 25 years old when he wrote it. However, it has been suggested that this poem may have contributed to his suicide. After writing such a beautiful poem, some people would think that Frost must have been happy living life to the fullest. But instead, he felt burdened by society's expectations and wanted nothing more than to escape the world through death.

Here are some more lines from this poem:

I am content to lose my life / For my country's sake.

I could no more stop being born than stop the flowing of the river.

To give up one's life for one's country is an act of great courage. However, many people today seem to think it's stupid and foolish. The poet disagrees and hopes that others will also be willing to sacrifice themselves for their country.

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