What does "rafts" stand for in writing?

What does "rafts" stand for in writing?

Santa, Havens, and Valdes established the RAFT (Function, Audience, Format, Topic) writing method to assist students understand their role as writers and convey their ideas clearly by creating a sense of audience and purpose in their writing. The four RAFT elements are used by teachers to help their students understand how to write effectively about a topic they have chosen.

The FUNCTION element focuses on the need to understand why you are writing and what your audience might find interesting or important about your topic. You should always begin any piece of writing with a clear understanding of who will be reading it and what they want to know. Will they be interested in your subject matter only in general or within a specific context? What action, if any, do they hope to take after reading this material? These questions should drive your initial thinking about the nature of your essay and help you determine its focus.

After you have an idea of who your audience is and what they want to know, you can move on to the next element of the RAFT framework: AUDIENCE. Consider whom you are writing to and what interests them about your topic. Are there certain groups or individuals that may not be aware of some aspect of your topic? If so, you should define these groups and explain why they should care about your essay.

Next, think about the format of your essay.

What is the purpose of the raft?

RAFT is a writing technique that assists students in understanding their duties as writers, the audience they will address, the various writing genres, and the topic they will write about. By using this technique, students can organize their thoughts and express them in an effective manner.

There are three main purposes of the raft: to identify the major ideas in a piece of writing; to distinguish important details that should be included in the text; and to outline the structure of the essay or report.

Using the raft to identify the major ideas in a piece of writing is very helpful when writing an abstract or summary. This tool allows you to see exactly which topics are being discussed in the paper and what aspects are important to include in your own writing. This also helps students understand where to focus their efforts when writing essays that require multiple drafts.

The raft is also useful for identifying the significant facts in a story. By listing events that have positive and negative effects on the characters, students can predict how each event will influence the plot and themes presented in the article or essay.

Last, but not least, the raft can be used to outline the structure of your essay or report.

What is the raft format?

RAFTS (Job, Audience, Format, Topic, Strong Verb) is a writing technique that helps students consider their role as a writer, the audience they will address, the various writing styles, and the topic they will write about. The RAFT method can be used with any genre of writing but is most commonly found in journalism and nonfiction books.

The basic idea behind RAFT is to help writers identify what kind of writing they are doing and why. Then they can choose the best way to express themselves based on that decision. With this in mind, they can more effectively choose appropriate words and phrases and explain things in a clear and concise manner.

This method uses questions to get readers thinking about their work and how it fits into their lives. For example, a student who wants to learn more about RAFT could start by asking themselves these questions: "What am I trying to say? Who is my audience? What kind of writing does my topic require? How will I connect with my audience?"

Using these questions as guides, students can then use examples from real life or their own experiences to explain what impact different factors have on writing. This allows them to understand how personal perception affects what we think we see and how we express ourselves through language.

Finally, students should look at other's work in order to grow as writers.

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