What does the mother tell her son in the poem, "Mother to Son"?

What does the mother tell her son in the poem, "Mother to Son"?

The mother tells her kid that life will never be easy. There will always be obstacles in his path, but he should not give up because there will always be something nice in the end, and his mother is walking beside him.

This poem was written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow for his son, Paul. It's a classic love message from parent to child.

Here are some lines from the poem that many people know by heart:

"Life is full of sorrow, life is full of joy. Death comes to all alike."

=""Mother to Son," said the wood-nymph, as she threw her arms around him.

He felt her tears upon his cheek; they were tears of grief. She spoke low, but he could hear what she said: "My son, my only comfort in this world! My last hope when far away!"

Then she told him of the death of her husband, how alone she lived in the world, and of her great desire to see him again before she died.

He was the only child she had ever loved. When he was born, his father had been happy, but soon after came news from home that his parents were dead. The shock of this news had killed his father.

What is the metaphor of the poem "Mother to Son"?

The mother's life is depicted as a stairway in the extended metaphor in "Mother to Son." She reveals that the stairs aren't made of crystal and are riddled with impediments, but she has always continued to climb them despite the hardship. Her son asks if the staircase goes up or down, and she replies that it goes up so far but that you have to start going down again once you reach the top.

This metaphor is used to emphasize that motherhood is not for the faint-of-heart and that even though it is difficult, one must keep on striving even when one feels like giving up.

In addition to being a poem, "Mother to Son" is also a song by Bob Dylan. The song is about a son who blames his mother for his own failures as well as those of others. He says that she drives him away from home with her drinking and mistreating of him, but still he returns each night hoping that she will have changed by then. When she refuses to change, he leaves again but this time he never comes back.

Dylan wrote this song after his own mother died in 1986. He said that he wanted to write something that would help other people who were suffering like she was at the time of her death. He wanted to create something that would give hope to others who were going through similar things.

What does the mother compare her life to in the poem, mother to son?

Answer: The speaker in the poem is the poet's mother, who compares her life to climbing a steep stairwell. In the poem, the mother reminds her son that life would be difficult at times, but that he must persevere anyway. She also tells him that she is not as young as she was once, which implies that she has died. Thus, the speaker in the poem is dead.

This answer may seem surprising at first glance, but please keep in mind that many traditional poems were written about real people who were still alive when they were written about. In fact, many of our favorite poets are still famous today because they wrote about people like us - children or parents. These people were called "saints" by Christians, and "poets" by poets!

In addition to saints and poets, some other names used for great men and women who have helped shape history include prophets, martyrs, and servants. Mary, mother of Jesus, is considered the greatest prophet in Christianity because she gave birth to God's only Son. Saint Francis of Assisi is one of the most famous servants because of his work with animals and nature. Michaelangelo is another servant who worked on paintings and sculptures during his lifetime, which ended in 1513. Finally, Thomas Moore is a modern poet who has written several books about children's rights.

What is the speaker doing in the story of the mother and her son?

Answer: She is offering her son advise. She is teaching him about life, how he should behave, and to never give up no matter what difficulties he confronts. Also, she is showing him that it is important to be wise for society needs people who are aware of what is happening around them so they can guide others.

What does the speaker say to the son?

The speaker in Langston Hughes' poem "Mother to Son" warns her son that life would be difficult, but he must persevere. She admits that her life has been difficult, with "no crystal stairs." Her...

What is the father’s problem in the poem "Father to Son"?

The parent is incapable of adapting to new conditions. He is worried by the fact that his son is emotionless. He wants to mend their connection, but it appears that his son is not making any efforts to do so.

Here is the sequence of events that takes place in the poem:

1. The father loves his son very much.

2. But the son does not show him any love in return.

3. So the father decides to get rid of his problem by throwing a party.

4. But when the day of the party arrives, he finds that his son has disappeared.

5. So then he calls all his friends who were at the party last night and asks them if they have seen his son.

6. But no one knows where he is.

7. Then the father realizes that there is nothing he can do now except wait for his son to come back.

8. Finally, after many attempts to contact him, she gives up hope and leaves home without telling anyone where she is going.

9. And that is how the poem ends.

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