What does the poet mean by "silence"?

What does the poet mean by "silence"?

Singhal, Khushi 1 year and 8 months ago It suggests that the poet was devastated when his mother viewed the image. She smiled, but she was no longer there. She was missing her mother and his grin, which added to the silence. 4: Thank you very much. Tannu Sharma's 1 year and 8 months ago It alludes to the poet's mother's quiet.com death.

Why is the poet speechless at the end of the poem?

The poet eventually becomes mute because she is overpowered by sadness and the anguish of being separated from her mother. She realizes that her mother's grin has faded, as has her mother's presence in her life. The snapshot evokes a fond childhood memory of the poet's mother. However, since they are now estranged, the image is also painful to look at.

Poets often use language to express their feelings. But sometimes they find it difficult to do so because they are unable to find the right words. In this case, they may write about their feelings in a poem or speak about them in a speech.

In "The Snapshot," the poet is unable to speak because she is too overwhelmed by grief. She knows that her mother will never again smile at her with that special grin, but she still wants to say something. Perhaps later she can take her mother out for coffee and talk things over with her? For now, all she can do is weep uncontrollably and hope that her mother will understand why she must be left alone now.

It is very moving to read about someone's emotions through their written words. Even if you cannot understand everything said in the poem, you can feel its power and sincerity just from reading it.

What does "silence silences" mean in the poem and photograph?

This line from Shirley Toulson's poetry "The Photograph" suggests that the poet is saddened by the reality and mystery of his mother's death. When she thinks about her mother, she falls mute, overcome by the sadness of her mother's loss.

In the poem, silence has two meanings: 1 it can be taken as a word meaning silent, and 2 it can be taken as an action meaning to be quiet. In other words, she is sad that her mother is dead but she isn't saying anything about it. She isn't writing any poems either so there aren't any signs of life from within this woman.

Silence also means without sound or voice. So, when someone goes mute, they lose the ability to speak. They are no longer able to tell us what they think about or feel about something.

Finally, silence can also mean hidden or unknown. In this case, it is suggesting that there is some part of her mother's story that she has kept secret or hidden from them. Or perhaps she doesn't even know what happened to her mother.

So, silence can be a sign of sadness, of not being able to say anything, and of remaining unknown.

What is the symbol of silence in the poem photograph?

This sentence from the poetry "A Photograph" suggests that the poet is deeply saddened by the mystery and reality of her mother's death. Her melancholy, which is tinged with anguish, causes her to remain mute, and she is in continual suffering throughout. Because of her mother's death, she becomes mute and creates a silent atmosphere. This is indicated by the use of the silent'symbol' in the poem.

The photographer has taken a picture of his wife sitting in their living room. Although he tried to help her, she died before medical assistance could arrive. Now that she has been photographed, she can never leave him or go away.

Because she is dead, there is no possibility that she can tell anyone what she experienced during her last moments on earth; therefore, she can offer no comfort to him. He will always wonder what kind of life her mother had before she died. In addition, he will never be able to show her picture to others because it would only cause them pain.

Throughout the poem, the speaker refers to his wife as "my love", which indicates that they were once happy together. However, now that she has left him, he feels empty without her. Even though she lived in another country, they still remained close because they had communication tools such as phones and email. By writing this poem, the speaker is trying to express his feelings about losing his wife.

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