What does the poet remember about his mother?

What does the poet remember about his mother?

The poet was devoted to his mother. He thought about her while he lay in his warm bed, listening to the rain. It looked to him like she was smiling at him. The poet's mind is overwhelmed with memories of his mother while he is at his cottage and rests in his comfy bed listening to the soothing symphony of rain on the roof.

His mother loved poetry. When he was young, he used to sit beside her as she worked in their garden. She would read out loud to him from poems by Lord Byron and other poets. Every time she did this, he would laugh or cry depending on how moved he was by the words. Sometimes they would quarrel because his mother wanted him to learn to control his emotions rather than show them directly. But even when they argued, she always managed to get him to listen to another poem.

When his father died, her life became difficult. She had no way to support herself or her son. The poet's uncle helped them out of the poverty that followed his death by allowing him to stay with him and use his house as a base for writing poems. This saved them from starvation because his uncle paid him in food and money so they could eat regularly and afford paper and ink to write down their thoughts.

During these years, the poet learned to control his temper by crying instead. His tears seemed to have some effect because most people stopped what they were doing to comfort him.

What does the poet like to do when it rains? Is the poet now a child? Is his mother still alive?

The youngster is reminded of his mother when it rains. When it rains, the poet enjoys pressing his pillow against his bed and lying down to listen to the patter of the rain. No doubt about it-the poet's mother has also gone back to sleep.

His father too has returned to his old age and passed away. So, the poet alone remains behind to deal with life. Yet, he seems not to mind as he lies in his bed listening to the rain. Perhaps, he is even happy that she left him alone so that he could spend some time with her again.

Or maybe, he is just listening to the rain because it makes sound effects which help him work on his poems? We will never know for sure but this much is certain: The young poet loves to write about love even after his death. He has written many poems on love and we can guess how he would have liked them to be remembered after his death.

Now back to our story...

After the poet's parents died, nobody wanted to keep him so they had to make up a new name for himself. They called him "John Keats" - you may have heard of him before? He was an English Romantic poet who lived in London back then.

What memory of his mother comes to him when it rains?

1. The youngster is reminded of his mother when it rains. 2. When it rains, the poet enjoys pressing his pillow against his bed and lying down to listen to the patter of the rain. 3. His mother's face comes to him when it rains. 4. A heavy curtain closes in his mind when he tries to think of his mother.

5. A void opens up within him when he fails to remember the last time he saw her. 6. A drop of water falls on his forehead when he tries to recall something that had been hidden from view. 7. A gentle breeze blows through him when he thinks of his mother. 8. A ray of sunshine bursts into being when he remembers how she used to smile at him.

9. A nightingale sings in his heart when he thinks of his mother. 10. A flower springs up in memory when he sees a picture of her. 11. A bird flies away when he recalls where she lived. 12. A candle burns out when he knows that she is no longer by his side.

13. A window opens up when he realizes that she was dead.

14. A door opens up when he believes that there is no way back to his past.

Where is the poet’s mother now?

The poet is shown joyfully recalling his mother while reveling in the happiness that the pitter-patter of rain provides. The poet's mother is most likely no longer living, and he reminisces about the moments he spent with her. However, since he is a poet, there is a good chance that she is still alive.

Poets are often viewed as being aloof from the world around them, but this isn't true of all poets. Some poets can be very emotional and sometimes even write poems about their feelings. These poets usually have a very strong relationship with their mothers. Since the poet is showing joy over remembering his mother despite the fact that she cannot hear or see him, it can be inferred that they had a close bond before she died.

Also note that since this is a modern poem, it means that his mother must also be modern too. This could mean that she is still living in England, but it could also mean that she moved to another country after the poet was born. Either way, she's not living in Wales anymore.

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