What does the poet say about the man in the poem?

What does the poet say about the man in the poem?

According to the poet, life is the same everywhere since life is for people and all humans are the same. That is why, in the poem "No Men are Foreign," life is the same everywhere, according to the poet. People may look different but they all want the same things: food, shelter, and love.

In addition, people are not constant but rather they are changing all the time. Even when a person is having a good day, they can still have a bad night. And even when a person is having a bad day, they can still have a good night. This is because people are made up of both good and bad qualities.

Finally, people will always do bad things since people are not perfect. Some people will also try to take advantage of others. Some people will also steal or kill if they are hungry enough. The only thing that prevents people from doing these things is society with its rules and laws. If there were no rules or laws, then people would behave badly since there is no chance of being punished for their actions.

In conclusion, people are the same everywhere since they are looking for the same things as everyone else: food, shelter, and love. In addition, people are changing all the time since they are not constant but rather they are varying degrees of good or bad.

What does the poet suggest about human life?

What does the poet's use of pictures in these lines say about human life? Life is a never-ending fight. We must fight to survive. Everything we do in life can be used against us, even if we are not aware of it. And yet, no matter how hard you try, you cannot escape death.

Picture one of those scenes where everyone is fighting for their lives. This would include soldiers fighting in wars, people who have been injured and are in hospital, etc. Everyone around me is trying to kill me, but I'm still alive. I won't be able to avoid death forever, will I? No, because eventually I'll die. Death is inevitable.

In order to live life to the full, you need to know this fact about humanity. Some people will try to destroy your life, whether it is someone close to you or just a stranger. If you don't fight back, you will lose. You have no choice other than to keep on living.

Picture two dead bodies lying in the middle of the battlefield. They didn't even have a chance to fight back before they were killed.

This scene shows that life is very short and fragile.

What message does the poet convey through the poem's stammer?

The author addresses issues of social injustice and class inequality in this poem. There are two universes in which we live. One is a paradise where there is peace and happiness for all; the other is a world full of violence, hate, and oppression. The poet has expressed his belief that such inequity can only be resolved by changing the reality of our own world. For example, he believes that if everyone could see what he has seen, they would want the same life granted to them.

The poet also expresses his hope that one day people will not be divided into oppressors and oppressed, but rather will live together in peace.

Finally, he hopes that his work will play some part in bringing about this new world order.

In conclusion, the poet wants others to know that there is another way to live and that change must come from within ourselves and not from outside forces.

What becomes clear to the poet?

The poet believed that the reason mankind despised and murdered one other went beyond the logic of geography. 5. The poet realized that the earth was round. However, it was unknown why males were filled with unpleasant emotions such as anger and enmity.

Thus, the purpose of Poetry is to express what becomes clear to the poet.

Poets are not only musicians but also prophets. They look into the heart of things and reveal what they see. A poem is like a vision - something seen clearly enough to be remembered but not understood in its entirety until later. All poets are visionary too, even if they only perceive fragments of visions. A poet can use words to create pictures that help others see aspects of life they might otherwise overlook.

Have you ever heard someone say something that really got your attention? Maybe it was something funny or ironic said by someone you don't know well. Or perhaps it was something tragic yet inevitable that happens every day. Whatever the case may be, once you hear it, you cannot forget it. It stays with you because it speaks to something inside you too. This is how all poetry works -- through words on a page, it touches our hearts and minds and brings out our true selves.

As humans, we are limited beings. We can think of nothingness, infinity, darkness, light, but never both at the same time.

How does the poet want a man to live through his poem, Ode on Solitude?

The poet aspires to live alone and undetected till he dies. The world would be unaware of his death, and when he is placed to rest, there will be no single stone on his grave identifying the location where he was buried. So this is how the impoverished like to live their lives: alone. They wish to avoid all attachments with others so that none of them will be affected by their passing.

It is also suggested in this ode that men should live each day as if it were their last because one day they might just die suddenly. There are many examples of this happening even today, such people who have lived an adventurous life tend to do things that they believe will make them famous after they die. For example, there are many stories about people who have climbed mountains or fallen from great heights but survived because they were found later by someone who saved them at their most desperate moment.

So the poet wants men to live each day as if it were their last because you never know what could happen tomorrow. You might be killed by an accident, you could be caught up in a war, or you could even commit suicide. All these things can happen at any time so it's best to be prepared for them.

Another reason why the poet wants men to live each day as if it were their last is because they don't want anyone to remember him when he is gone.

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