What does the poet say about TV?

What does the poet say about TV?

The poet claims to have learned an essential lesson from television. It is the fact that television is an idiot box. It makes the audience ignorant and boring. (ii) Describe some of the scenarios that the poet claims he has witnessed in television-equipped homes. What do these examples show about television?

Television is an idiot box because it delivers entertainment rather than information. It delivers spectacle rather than insight. It delivers distraction instead of direction. It delivers lack of self-awareness instead of increased awareness. It delivers depravity instead of morality. It delivers violence instead of peace. It delivers hatred instead of love. It delivers abuse instead of respect. It delivers the unacceptable instead of the acceptable. It delivers the trivial instead of the significant. It is a box that promotes consumption not creation. It is a box that pulls us down energy wells instead of taking us up space ships.

Nowadays, we watch television for entertainment more than anything else. We get lost in soaps and sitcoms, which are usually based on romance or family issues. We forget that what matters most in life is happiness and success for ourselves and others. It is easy to get distracted by television, which offers instant gratification with little effort required from us.

The poet also claims to have witnessed people laughing and crying at the same time due to television. He says that this shows that we are becoming less human as a society.

How has the poet Roald Dahl described television?

The poet depicts television as a box that bores children. It also destroys their creativity. It congeals and clogs their thoughts. They don't see beyond their displays. They only watch what's on screen.

He says television is a drug that dulls our senses, changes our values and corrupts our minds.

All this because it keeps us from reading good books and going to the theatre.

Television is a tool used by corporations to trap people into buying their products. That's why the poet hates it so much.

How has the poet brought out the theme of the poem through television?

1. Television as an idiot box-The poet believes that television has nothing beneficial to give youngsters. Instead, it just has "shocking horrible garbage." This is the type of stuff that holds children's attention and causes their eyes to bulge out, but it does not assist them in any way. Philadelphia Eagles' Nick Sirianni/Primary players to pick up where Lindsay Lohan leaves off-Sirianni is a 25-year-old wide receiver who last season had 1,000 receiving yards for the Eagles while Lohan was still in jail for her third probation violation. He is considered one of the team's top receivers.

Television is like an idiotic box that draws its content from random sources. There is no order or logic to what is on TV at any given time, which is why most people dislike watching television. It is basically junk that keeps us idle while we wait for something more worthwhile than another episode of That '70s Show to come on.

2. Television can be used as a tool for education-Some educators believe that television can be used as a tool for education. It can show episodes from history books or movies. This allows students to learn about topics they are interested in without having to take many classes on these subjects. Others think that television should only be used for educational purposes with the help of a teacher present. However, today many schools have banned teachers from being present during screen time because they feel that kids need to learn how to interact with technology without adult supervision.

What is the summary of the poem "Television"?

A Television Synopsis It is one of the greatest poems produced by the most prolific writer, Roald Dahl, a well-known children's novelist. The author encourages and recommends young people to read books rather than watch television. He says that excessive television viewing inhibits one's ability to imagine. Also, it can be very dangerous if you watch too much TV because your eyes will fall out if you stare at the screen for too long.

This short poem was written in 1990 when television news reports were popularizing the concept of interactive television. In fact, this form of television was not new but it was becoming more common then. At that time, many people were concerned about the effect that television would have on children. Thus, the author decided to write a poem that would encourage kids to read instead of watching television.

Here is the full text of the poem:

Television: A tool used by parents to keep their children occupied so they don't go insane from lack of activity. Parents claim that if they didn't give their children television, they would kill themselves or start fires.

Interactive television: A tool used by children to make their parents go insane with boredom. Children claim that if their parents wouldn't give them television, they would burn down the house with them in it.

What is the theme of the poem Television by Roald Dahl?

Roald Dahl's Television: About the Poem The poem offers a lighthearted look at a serious issue affecting today's young children. It cautions us about the consequences of binge-watching television. TV deprives our minds of the ability to imagine and create. It causes children to lose their creativity and imagination, which are so important in later life.

Television was invented in 1879 by Thomas Edison and has been used for entertainment purposes ever since. In the beginning, there were only three channels and one broadcast signal. Now there are hundreds of channels and many different ways to watch television. There are over 3 million video games consoles in the United States alone. That's a lot of children spending their time watching television and not playing outside.

In 1998, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) published a report stating that children under two years old should not use screen devices at all. But now, four years later, they have revised their guidelines and say that parents can let their babies watch videos or play computer games for a few hours each day. The AAP says that it is possible for infants under one year old to sleep through the night without a parent waking up every hour to feed them. However, if you do let your baby sleep with you, then it is recommended that you don't use a screen device next to their bed.

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