What does the poet suggest to make the Earth a better place to live in?

What does the poet suggest to make the Earth a better place to live in?

Yes, I think that a cheerful attitude may make the world a better place to live. The poem "Dust of Snow" was written by Robert Frost. He asks us to think about how we would like to be remembered when we die and to try to make each day count for something significant.

Frost also suggests that we should look at the earth with love and respect because it is our home. If we did this, he believes that we would have made a better place to live.

This poem is very important because it makes us think about what will happen after we die. We should all try to live our lives so that we are remembered after we die because this gives us hope.

Also, we should take care of the environment because it is a special place where we can escape from everything that is happening around us. Without it, we would have no place to go when we need peace and quiet.

In conclusion, I think that the poet has shown us that if we used our minds properly, we could make life better for everyone.

How did the snow change the poet’s state of mind?

The term "dust of snow" refers to the microscopic snow particles. Because the particles are so minute, the poet referred to them as "dust." When snowflakes fell on him, the poet was in a bad mood. This quickly transformed the poet's mood, and his day improved dramatically. The snow made him feel happy.

Snow is one of those things that can make us happy or sad. It can make us feel lonely or not. It can make us feel safe or afraid. The way someone reacts to the snow tells us how they feels inside.

If you have feelings of sadness then falling snow will make you feel better. It will let you know that life is still beautiful even if something has gone wrong.

On the other hand, if you are feeling happy then the snow will only make you happier. It will remind you of the good times coming your way.

Finally, if you are feeling lonely then the snow will make you feel worse. It will take away any chance of being with others.

But if you are feeling safe then the snow will make you feel better. It will tell you that you are not alone in this world.

And if you are feeling afraid then the snow will make you feel safer. It will take your mind off what scares you.

Why does the poet say that the world is beautifully dry?

In this poem, the poet admires the planet and its beauty. He describes the world as "vast, enormous, and wonderful." He thinks the world is a wonderful place. The poet characterizes the beautiful globe as a person, and as individuals, such as the seas and oceans, are coated in green. He believes that everything has a color; thus, the world is beautiful because it is a colorful place.

Dry means without water. When something is dry, there is no moisture in it. For example, when you go on a desert trip, you will see that the earth is dry. There are no lakes or rivers everywhere you look. You will also notice that nothing is growing on some parts of the land, because they are too dry. Other parts of the earth are covered in grass or other plants, because they have water.

When someone or something is dry, they are lacking in water. If you ask anyone who lives in a dry region such as a desert or shrubland how to keep vegetables grow during long periods of time, they will tell you to water them regularly. Dry conditions can be good for vegetables, because most insects dislike wet soil. Thus, the absence of water makes your garden safer for eating.

The poet uses language to describe what he sees. He says that the world is "vast," which means big. Next, he says that it is "enormous," which means large.

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