What does the quote above mean about Atticus?

What does the quote above mean about Atticus?

Atticus cannot go against his conscience and feels bound to do the right thing, which is why he defends Tom Robinson bravely in front of a prejudiced town. First and foremost, this phrase characterizes Atticus. He is an honest man who thinks deeply about his cases and acts accordingly.

Here's another way to look at it: Atticus goes against his morals just like any other lawyer would. He doesn't want to defend Tom because it isn't right, but rather because it pays well. If anyone else did this kind of work in Maycomb they would be called scum. But since Atticus does it anyway, he shows that he has no choice but to be honest even if it hurts him financially.

What did Atticus say in the trial of Tom Robinson?

Atticus argues passionately about the equality of all individuals in his final address during Tom Robinson's trial. Here, he reminds the jurors to set aside whatever preconceptions they may have and to assess Tom as a man, not as a black guy, which may lead them to instantly think he is guilty.

Furthermore, Atticus says that if Tom is found guilty, he deserves "a better trial than anyone will ever give him." This means that even though Tom was tried and convicted without any representation from either side, it was still a fair trial with an impartial jury.

Finally, Atticus tells the jurors that they are responsible for deciding what sentence should be imposed on Tom. Even though he is not a juror, he wants them to know that he believes Tom would be sentenced to death in spite of everything he has said.

In conclusion, Atticus says that he is only concerned with one thing: justice. He wants justice for Tom Robinson even if it means losing his own case.

What was Atticus trying to say in his closing speech?

Atticus appeals to the justice system in the United States, where each man is treated fairly. Atticus wishes for the jury to be fair to Tom Robinson and to assess his case objectively. The villagers turned against Atticus during Tom Robinson's trial because he had taken the case. Since Atticus hired him, he is responsible for what happened to Tom.

In conclusion, Atticus wants the jurors to find Tom not guilty because there is no proof that he actually raped Mrs. Robinson. If they find him guilty, then all white people should feel ashamed of themselves for living in a country where this could happen.

Atticus says that if the jury finds Tom guilty, then all white people have lost any right to call themselves civilized.

He ends by asking them to think carefully about their decision. If they find Tom guilty, then he will be sent away forever. Would you want your child to grow up without parents? Without friends? Without a home? So don't judge Tom Robinson too harshly.

In conclusion, Atticus is asking the jury to find Tom not guilty so that he does not get sentenced to death. If Atticus cannot convince the jury with his arguments, then he knows that Tom will be sent away forever.

What does Atticus mean when he says Jem destroys her flowers?

Jem damages her flowers due to her cruel remarks and how she treats them, even though they are respectful. "This situation, Tom Robinson's case, is one that gets to the essence of a man's conscience—Scout, I couldn't go to church and worship God if I didn't attempt to aid that guy," says Atticus. "The only way I can show my feelings about it is by talking about it. The only way you can show your feelings is by doing something. That's why I'm going to win this case."

When Atticus talks about destroying her flowers, he is saying that he will not tolerate her being cruel to animals. Animals feel pain just like people do so there is no good reason for someone to hurt them.

Flowers are an important part of life for many people; they give us happiness and help make special occasions more memorable. If someone hurts or kills these flowers, they are hurting the person who loves them.

In today's world, children see a lot of violence on television and in movies. This makes them want to repeat what they have seen done correctly the first time around. If someone keeps on killing their pets, they will soon start hating animals as well. This means they would not be happy with any creature, including humans.

People need to understand that animals are sensitive beings who feel pain just like we do. They also love being petted and held like we love being loved.

Who is Atticus defending and why?

Atticus is standing up for Tom Robinson, a good black guy. Although Atticus is merely speaking what he thinks, the town is criticizing him, but Atticus ignores them. When Scout asks Atticus if he will win the case, he responds, "No, honey." She then asks him why he is taking on a case that he knows he cannot win. He replies, "Because it's right."

Atticus has taken on many cases in past years that he knew would not be won due to lack of evidence or witnesses, but he did it because it was the right thing to do. Even though most people think that he is wasting his time with these cases, Atticus believes that they are important cases that need to be done.

In addition to being a good man, Atticus is also a great lawyer. He knows how to talk to juries so they will understand your side of the story, and he knows how to pick his spots when arguing a case in court. Despite all of this, Atticus refuses to let money influence his decisions as a lawyer. All of these qualities make Atticus one of my favorite characters in literature.

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