What does the rain call itself? What is unusual to mention?

What does the rain call itself? What is unusual to mention?

Walt Whiteman writes in his poem "Voice of the Rain" that rain calls itself "the poem of the land" because of the various sorts of delights and happiness it offers to the globe. This refers to the fact that rain has the power to give life to the earth by nourishing everything with its water. It can also lead to disasters if it falls in large quantities or without stopping.

Some people believe that when it rains a voice is heard saying "Om". This is because in Hinduism when you say the name of God (or any other prayer) while praying, it is called "shouting into heaven". So according to this theory when it rains someone is shouting "Om" to tell God about their love and request him/her to listen to their prayer.

In Japan, when it rains on a full moon people think that it means that something lucky will happen to them. They also believe that if you hear this mysterious voice when it is raining you should not open the door to anyone else but only to the angel who spoke to you.

In Africa, when it storms cats begin to howl and dogs start to bark out of fear. This is because animals know that when it rains there's a chance that lightning will strike near them so they hide under beds or anywhere else they can find protection from this danger.

Why does the poet feel it is strange to hear the rain speak?

The poet is surprised to hear the rain talk since he had no idea the rain had a voice. For this reason, he titles the poem "The Voice of the Rain." The poem personifies rain. Walt Whitman renames it the "poetry of the Earth."

Rain has a voice because it speaks through clouds, trees, and the earth. When it beats on the ground, it releases energy that creates sound waves.

Whitman was born on May 31, 1819 in Huntington, Long Island, New York. He was the first child of John Whitman and Ann Campbell. His father was a schoolmaster and his mother was a homemaker. He had four siblings: three sisters and one brother. His family was not wealthy but they were educated and cultured. At age 21, Whitman began working for a newspaper as an editor. In 1840, he moved to Brooklyn to work for another newspaper. Two years later, he started his own newspaper which published articles by him along with other writers. This paper became very popular so many other newspapers hired Whitman to write articles. In 1847, he left journalism to pursue a career as a poet. Between then and his death in 1892, he published over 2000 poems!

What does the rain call itself and why?

The rain refers to itself as the Poem of the Earth since the poet's poem is tasked with providing pleasure, happiness, and life to its readers. Similarly, as rain falls on the Earth, it creates a beat or melody. That is why rain refers to itself as the "Poem of the Earth."

In addition, rain has many other names including: droplet, drizzle, fog, glissando, glisten, glitter, sprinkle, spritz, spray, storm cloud, thundercloud, waterfall, windfall, and xylophone.

Why does the rain have so many names? That is because there are many different types of rain. For example, there is dry rain, drizzle, foggy rain, glistening rain, glittering rain, sprinkling rain, spritzing rain, stormy rain, thunderstorm rain, winding rain, and falling rain.

Each type of rain has its own unique sound that can be described as a musical note. For example, when it is dry rain, the notes that reach our ears are only those made by rods inside the stick-like objects called "stingers" on which water drops fall. These notes are low and dull because they are amplified only by the moisture in the air.

When it is drizzle, the stinger sounds are higher but still very quiet because most of the drops are small and fall quickly.

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