What does the rain tell the poet?

What does the rain tell the poet?

The rain refers to itself as the Earth's poetry. It informs the poet that it will continue to rise forever from the land and the abysmal water. As it ascends invisibly towards heaven, it creates clouds and fog which give shape to the earth over time.

This poem is about nature and how we can never escape it. The rain has the power to drown us, but it also has the power to heal the land. As it falls from the sky it cleanses everything it touches. The poet hopes that we are all given a purpose in this world and that our lives have value even though they are merely vapor that floats away from the earth back into space.

He believes that the rain has more significance than most people think it does. It isn't just a nuisance that floods streets and causes businesses loss. There is more to the rain than meets the eye. He knows that there are bad people in the world who use their power to cause chaos and death. But he also knows that there are good people who try to improve their communities and make this world a better place. These people are the ones who should be honored by humanity instead of being hated. They are the ones who should be remembered after they are gone; not the ones who killed them or robbed them of their life's work.

Why does the rain say I am the poem of the earth?

1. The rain refers to itself as the earth's poem because, like a beautiful poem, it brings delight and pleasure to everyone. It gives the world life, joy, aesthetics, beauty, and happiness. It is also called "the spirit of the earth" and "the voice of the earth."

2. The rain has many voices that we can hear in different places at different times. When it rains hard outside your window, you can see voices in the thunder and feel the force of the wind in the trees outside. That is why the rain has been called "the poet" and "the speaker" who speaks through the sounds it makes.

3. We can say that the rain has written a poem because of all the things that it does for the earth, it most certainly receives attention from other people too! Even if we are not conscious of it, the rain plays an important role in our lives every day. It helps plants grow and animals live. Without it, there would be no air or water for us to drink or crops to feed animals which could then be eaten by others including yourself!

4. The rain has spoken since the beginning of time, but only recently have humans been able to understand some of its languages. When it starts to pour out of clear skies, it is a sign that something interesting is about to happen.

What is the life cycle of clouds, the voice of the rain?

According to the poet, rain emerges in an untouchable form from the soil, rivers, and seas. It reaches the skies and changes shape while remaining water. It transforms into a cloud. The water then falls on the soil like rain, nourishing everything. When it reaches the oceans, it evaporates again into water vapor that forms more clouds.

Clouds last for a long time and travel great distances before they dissipate. Some clouds may take days or weeks to dissolve completely. Others may remain visible for several months at a time.

Rainclouds are large bundles of water vapor that can grow to enormous sizes. Once in a while, a raincloud will collapse under its own weight forming a storm cloud. If the heat from the sun causes the moisture in the cloud to turn into droplets of water, then a thunderstorm is formed. Thunderstorms are one of the most dangerous aspects of weather, due to their ability to destroy property and harm humans.

Some clouds have particles suspended in them that reflect light of certain colors. These are known as cirrus clouds and they can be seen near high-altitude lakes or mountains where ice crystals can form when liquid water drops fall through the atmosphere below 10,000 feet (3,050 m).

Other clouds include smoke, dust, or other small particles that become suspended in the air during precipitation events.

What happens to the rain in the sky in Class 11?

The rain informs the poet that it rises in the form of mist towards the sky, where it changes its shape (condenses into water droplets). Rain falls to wipe away the drought and supply water. It also cleans the earth's surface of dust and tiny particles. Humans have taken advantage of this natural process by using buckets or barrels to catch rainwater, and underground pipes to lead it to areas where it can be used for crops or to quench human thirst.

In conclusion, the poet tells us that the rain has many uses but also causes some problems as it floods roads and drains and makes soil less fertile.

What message does the poem The Voice of the Rain give to the readers?

Expert Verified Answer The message conveyed to readers by the poem 'The Voice of the Rain' is one of giving back to our source or origin. The earth and its water bodies give birth to the rain. It rises from the soil and produces clouds in the sky before returning to the earth and its water bodies. Thus the voice of the rain is that of gratitude as it reminds us to be grateful for our bountiful life since we are also products of the same natural elements.

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