What does Wiesel say is the most insidious danger of all?

What does Wiesel say is the most insidious danger of all?

No action would be possible without faith. And the only way to overcome apathy is to take action. The most pernicious risk is indifference. Indifference toward others' suffering, indifference toward our own needs, indifference toward life itself.

Indifference can lead to hatred, which can lead to violence. And violence is what risks destroying us all.

There are many forms of violence, from small acts of bullying to large-scale wars. But whatever form it takes, violence rests on three foundations: fear, ignorance and indifference. When we fight against one form of violence we must also fight against the others.

Fear is the first foundation for violence. It makes people do things they would never normally do. Fear can drive someone to attack in order to protect themselves or their loved ones. It can also cause them to stand by and do nothing while others suffer.

The second foundation for violence is ignorance. It leads people to believe that some actions are necessary in order to save lives or prevent further loss. In fact, these actions prove just the opposite. They show that there is a lack of knowledge about how to avoid violence or deal with its consequences.

The third and final foundation for violence is indifference.

What is the opposite of threatened?

The inverse of being on the edge of causing harm or danger. Please reassure, hearten, and release.

Is the fear of danger real or a choice?

The threat is quite real. However, fear is a decision. I've been thinking about the "Fear is Not Real" concept, and I've recently been immersing myself in the Three Principles (Mind, Consciousness, and Thought), and I had planned to make an article on it. But first, let's discuss the concept of Fear Is Not Real.

Fear is one of the five hindrances to meditation. It is the mental factor that causes us pain when we think about things that might happen later in life (such as death) or even now (such as getting sick). Fear also prevents us from living our lives fully, which is why it is considered one of the most serious obstacles to meditation.

However, fear is not real. You can choose what you fear and cause it to come true. For example, if you think you will get sick, you will get sick. If you think someone will hurt you, they will. If you worry about something happening, it will. This is called conditioned reflexes. The more you think about fear, the more it becomes real. So the next time you feel afraid, simply recognize that fear is a thought and then choose not to feed it by thinking about it further.

What is an antonym for "risk"?


  • Certainty.
  • Safety.
  • Security.
  • Misfortune.
  • Plan.
  • Protection.
  • Reality.
  • Truth.

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