What happens to an unpatriotic man when he is alive?

What happens to an unpatriotic man when he is alive?

A man's spirit is dead if he is unpatriotic toward his homeland. He may amass fortune via his travels to various locations, but such a life, according to the poet, is worthless. The dying of one's soul is more pitiful than physical death. It suggests the individual is still alive, but in vain. This is why many people believe that living unethically is worse than dying.

The text continues by saying that such a person dies a meaningless death. His family and friends might mourn his loss, but they cannot bring back the lost soul.

Unpatriotism can be defined as the attitude of a citizen of one country towards another country.

It involves love for one's country and contempt for others. It is shown through words and actions. When someone exhibits unpatriotism, it means that they are not proud of their country, they do not respect it, and they do not want anything good to happen about it. Instead, they try to bring down its reputation by telling other countries how poor it is or by suggesting that they should not deal with it because it will always abuse them.

In conclusion, an unpatriotic person's life is full of fear, worry, and misery. They live a pointless life and die without hope of salvation.

How does the persona in the poem Death explain immortality as a character?

As a suitor, he explains immortality. Explanation: Death is kind to the persona in the poem by using a carriage that represents courtship and/or respect. Immortality means that the poet will be loved after he or she dies.

Here is how the persona in "The Death of Mr. Dante" explains immortality: "As it turns out, this was not quite true / although it seemed like very good advice at the time."

This part of the poem is written in iambic pentameter, which is a type of poetic meter that uses five pairs of metered lines. It's used for serious poetry and prose. William Shakespeare used iambic pentameter extensively in his plays.

Shakespeare also used other types of meter, such as dactylic hexameter and trochaic tetrameter. These meters are used more for epic poems than for short stories or poems that try to imitate speech.

Death introduces himself as a "suitor," which is another word for a lover. In this case, Death is saying that he will love the poet after he or she dies. This idea of love after death is what makes the poet immortal.

Why does the poet want to live unseen and unknown?

The poet want to live and die quietly in order to live unnoticed and unknown. He want to die peacefully so that no one would show their grief after his death. The only thing that matters to him is how many people will remember him after he dies.

This shows that humility is important for a poet. They want to be forgotten by everyone except for maybe one person who cares about them. A poet such as Shakespeare or Dante would have hated being remembered all over the world because of their works. It's enough if someone remembers you after your death; you don't need to be famous during your life time too.

Also, a poet wants to feel the pain and joy of others but not be seen as a result of their actions. If they are noticed then they might be punished or rewarded which could affect those who care about them. So they prefer to stay hidden from view even after they die.

Finally, a poet wants to feel the sun when it rises and the moon when it sets. They also want to feel rain on their face and snow under their feet. So they live in places where there is nature because that is where they can find these feelings.

Although most poets are not famous, some do become so such as William Shakespeare or John Milton.

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