What has the poet used to recall the memory of his mother?

What has the poet used to recall the memory of his mother?

The poet recalls his mother putting him to bed every night and then looking at him affectionately while he slept. He also recalls his heavenly sister, who died young. From these memories he has found a way to express his grief over her death.

He starts off by saying that his mother once put him to sleep with kisses and caresses. This shows that she loved him very much. Then he says that she looked at him with love while he was asleep. This means that even when he was not there she thought about him still and showed it by giving up her own life for his.

Finally, he remembers how she died. It makes him sad just thinking about it. But instead of writing about what he feels, he writes about something that happened to him when he was younger. Maybe this is because women's work is never done; it is always needed in a house. Or maybe he does not want to complain about her death since she sacrificed herself for him.

In short, the poet is remembering all that his mother had done for him and how she had died. He is using this knowledge to write about how much he misses her even though she is gone.

Why couldn't the poet remember his mother?

When it rains, the poet thinks about his mother. It brings back memories of his mother tucking him into bed to sleep. The author is described in the poem as being very devoted and lonely as he recalls his mother, sister, and great friend. Although they were not blood related, the author felt a strong connection to them because they were the only people who knew how sad and lonely he was.

In the poem "The Nightingale" by Antonio Lopez de Casal, there are several references to memory. In the first stanza, the speaker remembers the time when his eyes opened for the first time to see his face in a mirror. This shows that even though he was only a little boy, he already had dreams of being a famous singer. Later on in the poem, when talking about his love for another boy, the speaker says that his heart will always be with him no matter what happens. This shows that even though the other boy may have married someone else after the speaker lost his voice, his love for him will never change.

Also in the poem, when discussing how long it takes for news to travel from one end of Europe to the other, the speaker says that if something important happened back home, people would know within a week.

What do you understand by the statement "I can’t remember my mother"?

The narrator of this poem informs the readers about his mother, who died while he was quite young. As a result, he was unable to recall his mother except when his grief deepened and he remembered the memories he had of her. This shows that our memory is very fragile and it can be damaged by many things such as death or trauma.

In addition, this poem also tells us that knowledge is power. In other words, if we don't remember something, it means that it hasn't any significance for us at this point in time. But if we did remember it, it would change how we feel about this situation or person. So in conclusion, forgetting is an essential part of life because it makes us move on with our problems or memories rather than holding onto them forever.

Why does the poet remember his grandmother?

His grandma served as an influence to him. She was the one who used to adore him. Because of her memories, the poet is regularly reminded of his grandmother. Thus, she plays a crucial role in his life and poetry.

Poets are usually very emotional people. They express their feelings through words and poems. However, they do not normally talk about their emotions. Instead, they keep them inside themselves. Only after some time do they get the courage to write about it. For example, William Shakespeare created many famous characters in his plays who showed their emotions through speeches or monologues. He also wrote many poems about love and death. These shows that poets are not only able to express their emotions but also have the talent of doing so effectively.

Many great poets have been women. Women are known for their delicate nature which makes them good at expressing themselves through poetry. Also, they tend to be more emotional than men. In fact, studies have shown that almost all great poets were either female or male psychosomatic illnesses. This means that their symptoms appear in their body rather than their mind-such as pain in a limb when angry or sad.

The poet remembers his grandma because she played an important role in his life.

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