What information appears last in a citation for a newspaper article?

What information appears last in a citation for a newspaper article?

A Print Newspaper Article Author's Surname and First Name "Article Title: Subtitle, if any." Name of the newspaper, publication date, and page number. If the author's name is not given, begin the citation with the article's title. Otherwise, end the sentence with a period.

An On-Line Newspaper Article Usually begins with the author's surname and first initial (or initials), followed by the city and state or country where the article was written. The title of the article should be included after some form of punctuation such as a colon or semicolon. An on-line article may also include a link to the full text through an external website. Always provide the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) when available so readers can find the article again if they want to read it later.

An Audio or Video Podcast Article Begins with the Host's Last Name and Initials ("John Smith" or "John P. Smith") In most cases, the host will have a role in creating the content found within the podcast including interviews, guests, and topics. Often times, hosts will be journalists who interview experts on issues before assembling their own opinions on these matters. Other hosts may simply be interested listeners who post their thoughts about what they hear during commercial breaks or other segments within the show.

What is the correct format for a newspaper article?

A newspaper article's basic structure contains the author's name (if available), the title, the name of the newspaper, the date of publication, and the section and page numbers where the story is published. Some articles may have a byline which includes another person's name along with the first person's name. This would be especially common if one was writing a column for another publication and wanted to give credit to both people.

The title of the article should be short and descriptive enough to stand alone as an interesting topic. It should also include the word "article" or some form of this word to indicate that it is not a book report or other type of assignment. The title should help readers decide what kind of content they will find in the article. For example, an article on "how my cat likes me" would be better titled "A Brief History of Feline Behaviorism" so that readers know exactly what they will find inside.

The author's name is usually included at the end of the article after a comma. If there is more than one author, each one is separated by a comma. A parenthetical note can be used to explain something about the author(s) such as a nickname or their job role. These notes are enclosed in parentheses and followed by a colon.

How do you cite an online magazine in text?

Last name, initial name, and middle name of the author First and last names of the author "Article Title: Subtitle, if any." Magazine Title, vol. Volume Number, no. Issue Number, Publication Date, pages. Location where article can be found online.

Examples: Leite, Leonardo and Goldman, Jeremy "Technology Tips & Advice": A guide to getting things done with technology - articles from the Technology Guide web site. " The Magazine for Computer Professionals": 10/1996-10/1997.

How do you cite an archived newspaper article in APA?

Last name, first letter (Date, first year) the article's title Page numbers and the title of the publication if available.

Example: "Curran, D." (December 10, 1836). The Dublin Daily Courier. P. 3. Irish National Archives.

How do you cite an old newspaper article?

"Title of the Article," first and last name Newspaper Title: Date of Publication, Section Which Edition? City/State/Country, AP Style.

An old newspaper article is cited in much the same way as any other piece of writing. The only difference is that instead of giving the date on which you read the article, you must give the date on which it was published.

If the article is from several years ago, then you should also include the year in which it was published. For example, if the article was published in 2005 and you refer to it again in 2010, then you should say "old newspaper article by First Name, Last Name about their life story" or some similar phrase.

It is a good idea to write with a title for your article. This makes it easier for others to find. When you are writing your bibliography or works cited page, you can list the titles of all the articles that you have included in your work.

Journal articles are different from newspapers in that they are usually short stories that come out once or twice a month. Therefore, they usually do not have a section in which they are divided into dates.

What is the format for writing a citation?


  • AuthorLastName, AuthorFirstName. “Article Title.” Journal Title, Version, Number, Publication Date, Page Numbers.
  • L’Ambrosch, Zampoun and Teodolinda Roncaglia.
  • Newspaper Article from an Online Database.
  • Newspaper Article from Web or Print Source.

How can I tell which is an article citation?

The journal title is put after the article title in all styles. In this aspect, citations for magazine and newspaper pieces are the same (that is, the periodical title will be the second title that you see). J. A. Author and J. B. Author (Year). The article's title Title of the journal, volume number (issue number), and page numbers. As with book titles and chapter names, if you have more than one author, separate their names with commas.

Citations for books include the publisher, editor, and location information as well as the date published. Book titles should be italicized and printed in small capital letters. Titles of unpublished works should not be cited unless they have been accepted for publication or are available from other sources such as e-books.

Dissertations and theses must be referred to by the name of the university or college that issued it. If the work is part of a series, insert et al. after the word "et" and add the number 1 through 5 indicating each new item in the series. For example, John Doe, University of California, San Francisco, CA, USA. Dissertation (Ph. D.). If there is no date attached to the dissertation or thesis, use the following format: John Doe, Ph. D.

Journal articles are usually cited according to the journal's rules.

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