What inspired Sharon Draper to write?

What inspired Sharon Draper to write?

A teacher becomes a novelist. Her literary career began on a whim in 1990. Draper had always encouraged her kids to enter writing contests with their stories and poetry. According to Draper's website, one day, a daring young man handed her a crumpled application form and remarked, "You think you're so bad—why don't you write something!"

The site goes on to say that she threw down the form and wrote a short story called "Chloe's Walk." It won first place in a contest sponsored by the Texas Institute of Letters.

Draper decided then and there that writing was what she wanted to do with her life. She has been writing ever since.

Sharon loves to write about families because they're real people with real feelings inside. No matter how crazy they seem on the outside, all families have secrets they hide from others. Chloe's Walk is a story about family betrayal and forgiveness set against the backdrop of an old Texas town. It's not your typical family drama. There are no villains or heroes here - just people doing the best they can under sometimes very difficult circumstances.

Writing family dramas is what I know best but I also write other genres including crime, fantasy, and science fiction. I've been told I have a unique way of looking at the world and my characters. Sometimes I forget myself and put myself in my characters' shoes - only to discover that I feel exactly where they're coming from.

What inspired Sharon Draper to write books?

Draper began creating novels and poems for her classroom's hesitant readers. When her pupils refused to read the poetry in their anthology, she created poetry, and when students informed her they were nonreaders and proud of it, she pledged to write a book they would like reading. That book, A Book of Words (1957), is now in its sixth edition.

When A Book of Words proved successful, other publishers asked her to write more books. So far, she has written four poetry anthologies and one novel. She has had many successes with her collections, which have won many awards including the Los Angeles Times Award, the National Poetry Club Prize, and the William Allen White Award from the American School Library Association.

As well as writing books, Draper teaches literature in schools across the United States. She has been praised for her ability to get young people interested in reading.

Why is it important for authors to be born not made?

Authors such as Draper need to be born, not made, because they can't help but create stories. The only way we could all stop writing books would be if we stopped living.

How does an author become a best-seller?

An author becomes a best-seller when his or her work stands out among others of its kind.

What have you learned about writing?

7 Amazing Things You Can Learn From Writing Every Day

  • Passion is crucial.
  • Writing something bad adds up to something greater.
  • A little bit each day drives success.
  • People might actually read your stuff.
  • People might never read your stuff.
  • People might dislike what you write.
  • Some people will dislike your writing style.

Why did Sharon Draper write "Tears of a Tiger"?

Tears of a Tiger was written by Sharon Draper as a personal challenge to herself. She had spent several years teaching high school and middle school and felt she "could create a novel that students would enjoy from the first page" (Sharon Draper website).

In an interview with Writer's Digest, Sharon said that she wrote Tears of a Tiger over the course of a year, starting when her son was eight months old and finishing when he was two. She claimed that she could not stop writing even for a single day because she found it difficult to sleep if she didn't write something every morning before leaving for work. She also said that she drank coffee like nobody's business and rarely ate breakfast.

Here is how Sharon Draper described the story to her readers: "A young mother is forced to make a heart-wrenching decision when her son is diagnosed with cancer. As tears of a tiger are sure to be, his life will never be the same again."

Tears of a Tiger is a book about courage, strength, family, love, faith, and survival. It tells the story of a young mother who must face one terrible decision after another during a year of unbearable pain and sorrow. Although it is fiction, Sharon says that she based its setting on Thailand because many of the treatments for Christopher's disease were unavailable in the United States at the time.

When did Carole Wilkinson start writing?

Carole did not begin writing until she was over 40 years old. She had previously worked as a laboratory assistant, dealing with a lot of blood and brains. She attended university after deciding to pursue a career as a writer. She graduated from George Mason University with a B.A in English in 1990.

While attending school, she began writing articles and short stories. One of her stories was even published in a magazine. This inspired her to consider becoming a writer as a career. After graduating, she got a job as a legal secretary which allowed her to work on writing projects in her spare time. In 2001, she sold her first novel for $125,000. Since then, she has written more than ten more books about vampires.

She says that writing is her passion and it's what she does every day at noon sharp. She doesn't have any other jobs or occupations.

Of all the characters she has created over the years who live within the world of vampire fiction, who is your favorite?

That's a hard question to answer because they are all so distinct. I think if I had to pick one it would be Cassandra Clare's Bella Swan. She is such a beautiful girl who is also very strong willed. I love how Ms. Clare wrote her character.

What has writing taught you?

Writing, whether an essay or an autobiography, teaches you about yourself; it allows you to go into the depths of your own mind, plucking at and pulling out feelings you might not have realized you possessed before sitting down to write. It also forces you to be clear and concise, qualities we all try to keep in mind when speaking with others.

Writing also teaches you how to think. Even if you're only describing what someone looks like or where she lives, you still need to be able to put together a coherent sentence that doesn't confuse or upset the person being described. You also need to be able to understand what they want to say and use that to guide you as you write. Finally, writing forces you to analyze things that may not seem important but that are, in fact, very crucial in creating a good piece of fiction (or non-fiction). For example, does the character I'm writing about feel real to me? Does he/she have traits similar to other people I know? If not, why not? What would make this character more believable?

Writing also teaches you how to communicate. Whether you're trying to explain something to someone else or simply expressing yourself, being able to write clearly and concisely is essential. This helps others understand your thoughts and ideas while avoiding any unnecessary details that may clutter the message being sent.

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