What is a common problem with thesis statements?

What is a common problem with thesis statements?

When a thesis sentence's viewpoint is too broad, the writer may not have properly considered the particular support for the rest of the writing. A thesis angle that is too broad makes it easier to give material that deviates from that viewpoint. For example, if an essay argues that women are equal to men, but then focuses on many different types of women and their experiences, the essay would be weak because it would not make any specific claims about what it takes to be male or female.

When a thesis statement is too narrow, the writer may have accepted evidence that does not truly support his or her argument. If an essay asserts that marriage is important in today's society but does not offer any examples to back up this claim, the essay would be weak because it is not proving its point accurately.

Writers often try to be clever by using extreme examples or giving overly general statements as their thesis sentences. These type of sentences are easy to write (since they do not need much research) but will not prove very useful when writing an essay since they can't be used as a basis for further discussion. For example, an essay saying that children should be allowed to watch television programs rated "PG" could not be used as proof that such programs are good for them since there are many other types of television programs out there that are not rated at all. This would make this essay too broad to be useful.

How do you narrow a thesis statement?

When the fundamental notion is so particular that an argument cannot be adequately developed and presented, the thesis is too narrow. "I like dogs because they bark," says the author. This is an example of a specific thesis statement. We can see from this comment that I enjoy dogs, and I explain why. They bark as a form of communication; this is one reason why we should keep them inside when it's not necessary or safe to let them out.

Now, if we were to change "dogs" to "frankincense", I could still argue that keeping frankincense in my house led me to learn more about my neighbors and their needs, which has helped me become a better friend. However, because "frankincense" is such a general concept, I could never prove my point. Thus, the thesis statement for this essay would be "Keeping certain items within my home will help me achieve goals in my life."

This thesis statement serves three important functions. First, it provides clarity to the reader as to what this essay is going to be about. Second, it acts as a guide for writing. If I had no idea what kind of topic I wanted to cover in this essay, I would have no way of narrowing down my ideas. Finally, by stating a clear goal (keeping certain items within my home), I am able to organize my thoughts and write more effectively.

What is a broad thesis statement?

"I enjoy dogs." This is an example of a general thesis statement. We can deduce from this remark that I enjoy dogs. However, no additional explanations are given. It's best to make the subject more general.

In order to write a successful essay, you must first decide what kind of essay it is going to be. Is it a descriptive essay or an argumentative essay? Once you have made this decision, you can start writing your paper. Are you interested in describing different types of dogs? In that case, you should choose a topic that ranges over a wide variety of dogs, such as small dogs, large dogs, black dogs, white dogs, etc. Then, using information from various sources, you can write about each type of dog in detail and support your observations with evidence from real life or research studies.

Will your essay be analytical or persuasive? If you want to analyze something in depth and come up with several ideas on how to improve it, then you should use evidence from both sides of an issue to support your arguments. On the other hand, if you want to convince others that one idea is better than another, then you should focus on that single idea and provide only solid reasons for its superiority.

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