What is a feature story in a newspaper?

What is a feature story in a newspaper?

A "feature story" is a nonfiction piece of writing on current events. Soft news is a form of feature piece. The news feature and the human-interest tale are the two basic sub-types. The reporting, craftsmanship, inventiveness, and economy of expression in stories should make them unforgettable. A feature article may be as long or short as necessary to accomplish this goal.

Feature articles appear in newspapers throughout the world. They can cover any topic that readers find interesting or important. Some examples include: science (soft news), sports (human interest), business, politics, society, lifestyle, health, entertainment, religion, and education. Feature writers often take an objective look at what's happening in their field of interest and then report it without editorial comment.

Some publications call all non-editorial content produced by their staff members "features". These include cover stories, exposés, investigative reports, interviews, cartoons, photos, maps, and advertisements. Other types of content may also be listed under this category.

In addition to regular news coverage, some newspapers publish special issues called "fests" or "conventions". These issues usually focus on one subject within the realm of general knowledge. Examples include science fests, history fests, and wildlife fests. Writers typically interview experts in their fields of interest for these features.

Finally, some newspapers have sections on their websites that act as features.

Which is the best definition of a feature story?

The human-interest tale is a typical genre of feature narrative. The word "feature story" refers to a publication's primary or featured piece, which is used far less frequently. Feature pieces enlighten readers about things they don't need to know but (hopefully) want to know. They provide context and insight into what is happening in a story.

They are usually written with journalistic standards in mind, although they may include some artistic license. They tend to be longer than ordinary stories and often include several photographs. Feature articles are important because they offer a different perspective on events; they show what matters to people outside the world of journalism.

Some examples of feature stories include: "One Childhood Remembered for Its Gifts," by Mary Antin; "A Life in Pictures: An Appreciation of Edward Weston," by David Galenson; and "A Visit from St. Nicholas: How One Family's Christmas Grew Into an International Phenomenon," by Eric Schlosser. These articles describe real events that happened many years ago. However, many modern feature stories use anecdotes or cases from today's news to illuminate issues in a similar way.

In conclusion, a feature story is any article that provides information about something other people might find interesting or useful.

What are the features in a newspaper?

A feature is a more in-depth piece of writing than a news report. Features exist in a variety of forms and are commonly utilized in magazines, newspapers, and online. A feature will frequently explore a topic in greater depth than a news item, or it may examine an ongoing story from a different perspective. The term "feature article" is also used to describe articles that are written specifically for publication as features rather than news reports.

Some examples of features include:

Biographies - profiles of people famous or notable for their work or achievements. Biographies are usually longer than news items and often include details about the subject's life not relevant to his or her career.

Columns - discussions on topics of current interest, usually published in newspapers under the name of a single author. Columnists often have strong opinions about these subjects and use their columns to express those views.

Editorials - statements on issues of general interest and concern made by the editor or staff of a newspaper. They often reflect the view of the publisher or owner but can also be written by other members of the editorial team.

Fiction - stories written for entertainment purposes only; for example, fantasy novels or short stories. Fiction should offer some insight into the human condition through characters who struggle with issues such as love, loss, anger, etc.

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