What is a good sentence for liaison?

What is a good sentence for liaison?

Example of a liaison sentence: She became his mistress, and the connection continued until his death. In any event, my husband, Mike, who was elected to be the liaison with the military, is unlikely to allow it. He's been married twice before, and he says that if anyone can keep him happy, it's me.

Liaison means "a connecting link" or "an intermediary". In modern usage, the term has become synonymous with "mistress", especially when used in reference to a wife who is sexually involved with another man.

A liaison sentence is one where the subject of the sentence is expressed by a noun or a pronoun and the word "who" functions as an auxiliary verb. This type of sentence is common in English literature essays and reports. The following example is a valid liaison sentence: Who became Mike's mistress? His wife!

This kind of sentence is useful in writing about people or events in history because you don't have to use their names all the time. You can refer to them later by number or by describing them in detail. For example, instead of saying "The president was seen leaving his hotel with a woman last night", you could write "Who left the president's hotel with a woman last night? His wife!".

Is liaisoning a word?

A sexual connection, especially between two persons who are not married to one other: He's had several liaisons.

Liaison means "a connecting link or passage; an intermediary." So, liaisoning is the act of connecting through an intermediary.

In modern usage, the term is applied to relationships between employees and their supervisors, usually in positions of authority over them. The relationship is typically neither legal nor illegal but rather takes on a particular character based on whether it is formal or informal.

So, liaisoning is a connected relationship that provides passage between two parties who would otherwise be isolated from one another.

Is liaison a bad word?

No matter how you look at it, liaison has negative implications.

What is the correct liason or liaison?

(American) 'li: eizon a point of contact or communication between parents and instructors; (also an adjective) a liaison officer.

What does "serving as a liaison" mean?

It may also refer to interaction, communication, or a meeting between such persons. The verb liaise is derived from the term liaison and often implies to function as a liaison by coordinating, aiding, and communicating. To be able to liaise well with others means to be able to communicate effectively with them.

In military terms, a liaison officer is responsible for establishing good relations with local inhabitants and maintaining lines of communication with higher headquarters. In peacekeeping operations, national authorities generally appoint a chief of mission who is responsible for maintaining effective contact between their country's forces and those of other countries.

In an organization, a liaison officer would be designated to act as a go-between for groups of people with different needs or questions. For example, in a large corporation, a corporate communications department might be charged with mediating problems between employees and management. Or, in a hospital, a patient advocate could help mediate differences between patients and staff members.

Liaison officers are also used by certain organizations to describe someone who interacts with the public as part of their job. For example, in a police force, a police liaison officer would be responsible for keeping the police station up to date with community issues and complaints, while also helping to resolve conflicts that may arise between the police and citizens.

How do you use the word "liaison"?

"In a Sentence Liaison"

  1. As the liaison between the police department and the public schools in our city, my aunt coordinates officer visits to each of the schools.
  2. The company’s insurance liaison will work with you and your employer to develop an insurance plan that meets your needs.

What is a good sentence for a colleague?

Sentence examples from colleagues The businessman desired to be removed from his obnoxious coworker. Piet Joubert was his teammate. He was knighted about 1565, at the same time as his colleague James Stirling, whose daughter John Napier later married. Their children were Elizabeth and William.

A good sentence for a colleague is one that tells where someone is from or what they do for a living. This will help others to know more about them. In addition, sentences about colleagues should be interesting to read. This will make people want to learn more about them.

Here are some example sentences for colleagues:

John Doe is from London. He works in marketing. His sentence is interesting because it includes information about both himself and marketing. It also gives us knowledge about how to contact him if we need to.

Sally Smith is from West Virginia. She works in accounting. Her sentence provides information about her job but not about herself. We can guess that she has fine eyesight because of the word "accounting".

Bob Baker is from New York. He owns his own business. We get to learn about Bob and his business through this sentence. It tells us that he is rich because businesses tend to make lots of money nowadays.

Mary Jane is from South Carolina. She works in education.

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