What is a good sentence for "substantial"?

What is a good sentence for "substantial"?

An illustration of a crucial statement The cheque was for a large sum of money. Best of all, she would be able to save a significant amount of money for a down payment on her own home. Only those with significant contributions will be considered. This means that if your partner doesn't contribute enough to get you into the next income group, then they won't qualify.

A substantial contribution is defined as any contribution that is more than negligible or trivial.

Substantial therefore can be used as an adjective and means important, major, considerable, sizeable.

The word itself is also substantial! It comes from the Latin substans, meaning 'that which stands fast'.

Substantial therefore means firm, stable, reliable.

What is the definition of "substantial amount"?

Something significant is huge in terms of size, number, or amount. You may say someone spent a significant amount of money if you want to suggest they spent a lot of money without being too precise. If you say that someone has spent a substantial amount of their time on something, you are saying that they have put in a large amount of effort over a long period of time.

In mathematics, a vector is said to be non-zero if its length is not equal to zero. A vector is called non-collinear if it is not parallel to a single other vector. Two vectors are called collinear if they are both parallel to or both opposite of another vector. The set of all non-zero vectors in a space is called a non-zero vector space. A vector space in which any two non-zero vectors are collinear is called linear.

A linear space can also be defined as a vector space where addition and scalar multiplication by non-zero numbers are independent operations. In other words, adding two arbitrary vectors always produces a new vector, and multiplying a vector by a non-zero number always produces a new vector too. This means that vectors in a linear space cannot be ordered in any way; there is no first element, nor is there a last one. Every vector has an equal right to be called a vector.

What’s the word for substantial?

What is another word for substantial? Substantial Synonyms-WordHippo Thesaurus: What is another word for substantial?


What is the definition of "considerable"?

(First of two entries.) 1: worthy of mention: a noteworthy and well-known artist 2: broad in scope or degree; a big number She was in a lot of discomfort. The doctor gave her something for the pain and told her to go home and rest up before she started back to work.

A "considerable" amount of time has passed since then. How much has changed in that time? Let's find out...

In terms of art, there have been new artists born, others have died, and still others have changed their minds about being an artist so they could make money doing something else. But all in all, things are pretty much where we left them back in 2000.

Now, if we look at numbers, the fact is that millions of people live in America today that didn't live here last time we checked. So even though not many people have moved into or out of the country over this period of time, the total number of residents has increased considerably. We can say that the population of America has increased considerable amounts since then.

Finally, if we look at words, the fact is that computers have become smaller, faster, more powerful, and less expensive to produce.

How to use "substantial profit" in a sentence?

You may look up the definitions of "considerable" and "profit." Alternatively, look at other profitable combos. These samples come from corpora and web sources. Any opinions stated in the examples are not those of the Cambridge Dictionary editors, Cambridge University Press, or its licensors.

His considerable profits were due to his skill as a businessman.

Her substantial profits mean that she is doing well.

The company's substantial profits show that it is successful.

His income was sufficient to support himself and his family but not enough to be considered wealth. His lack of assets means that he had to work for much of his life before he became rich.

She has never earned substantial money because of her poor academic record.

Substantial means large in size or amount. Your score on an exam is substantial if it gets you less than half way toward passing the course. The professor's comments on your essay are also substantial evidence that it was a good essay.

Profit is the difference between what you sell something for and the cost of producing that product. If you earn a profit, you make money by selling goods or services at a price higher than their production cost. Otherwise, you would not be able to afford to produce them.

What is more substantial, significant, or significant?

The distinction between substantial and significant as adjectives is that substantial is having substance; genuinely being; real; as in substantial life, and significant is indicating something; bearing significance. A signature can be significant without being substantial. Signatures are usually only a few lines long, so they cannot provide much insight into the writer's personality.

Something substantial is worth considering because it has great importance or value. Your comments are very helpful and will help me to improve my writing skills. Your email address will not be published and is used solely for contacting you regarding your request. Thank you.

Significant means having an influence or being relevant; having a direct relation; having something that is significant.

Something significant is worth paying attention to; can have an impact on you. The movie played at midnight had a significant effect on many people. His death was considered a significant loss to American cinema.

In mathematics, significant numbers are those that cause changes when added or subtracted from other numbers. For example, if 5 were found to be a significant number, then adding it to or subtracting it from other numbers would produce different results each time.

What is substantial writing?

Substantial writing is defined as a final paper of at least 5,000 words for a full-credit course (400–489). Substantial articles should be relevant to their topics and contain sufficient detail for others to follow the main ideas or arguments. They should not be simply a collection of facts or a rehash of previous work.

Substantial writing requires one to plan what they want to say and how they are going to say it. This means thinking about the topic and making sure that you include everything that will help the reader understand your point of view or conclusion. You should also think about how to organize your article so the reader can learn most effectively without getting bored or distracted. Finally, you should proofread your work several times before submitting it. Use a friend's feedback tool or check out websites like Test or The Writer's Room to get comments from others about whether your article is interesting and useful.

In conclusion, substantial writing is all about planning and organizing information so that it can be understood easily by others. It is not just throwing together factoids or copying from other sources.

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