What is a sentence for helped?

What is a sentence for helped?

"I hope I was able to assist you." And, certainly, I have assisted fellow legislators. I've assisted in the training of several of the region's best bartenders. I've assisted numerous veterans who have ended up in prison. I've even assisted law enforcement officers as they investigated crimes.

All of these things were done with the goal of helping others. Is being helpful a good thing? That depends on what you're trying to help them with! If you're trying to help them get over their fear of lawyers, then by all means, be helpful. If you're trying to help them avoid getting into trouble with the law, then again, be helpful. If you're trying to help them find a job, then be helpful. If you're trying to help them pay their bills, then be helpful. There are many ways you can be helpful, and most of them don't involve money.

Finally, remember that the people you're trying to help may not want your assistance. They may not need or want your advice on how to better deal with their problem. All they want is for you to go away so they can get back to their life. Unless they ask you for help, there's no real need for you to stay around.

So next time you see someone who appears to be in need of help, don't hesitate to offer your assistance.

What are synonyms for "help"?

Other terms for assistance

  • Advice.
  • Benefit.
  • Comfort.
  • Cooperation.
  • Hand.
  • Service.
  • Support.
  • Use.

What is the meaning of "helping hand"?

Aid or assistance I'm always prepared to lend or offer assistance. I like to think of myself as a helping hand-I'd be happy to give you advice, help you with a problem, or even lift something heavy if you need me to.

The image of a helping hand is an ancient one and probably derived from the practice of holding out your open palm in blessing or greeting. Over time it became associated with helpfulness in general, and today is used to describe someone who provides support or aid.

Although we sometimes use the phrase "take a hand out," this means to give someone help or support. So, the opposite of "taking a hand out" is "putting a hand in."

Putting a hand in means that you are getting involved or interceding on behalf of another person or thing. For example, if someone needs help, they can ask for a hand by saying, "Can you help me?" and then someone will usually put their hand in theirs to show that they will help.

A hand is also used as a gesture of agreement or concurrence.

What is the past word of help?

Helped or (archaic) help is the past tense of assistance. Conjugate Assist. I have helped him. We have assisted them.

Help can also be a noun. I am helping him to clean out his closet. She is helping them with their homework.

Help comes in many forms, especially from strangers on the internet. Be careful what you post about others online. There are people who will use this information against you.

In conclusion, the past simple form of the word help is assisted or helped.

What is a sentence for assistance?

Examples of sentence help Any aid you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I'd be delighted to serve you in any way you want. You're welcome here anytime, day or night.

Help! What do you call someone who helps others?

An helper is a person who helps others. There are many different titles that can be used to describe this role: teacher's pet, good-luck charm, fairy godmother, dream come true. The list goes on and on.

I'm trying to think of something funny to say but I just can't seem to come up with anything.

Sure, no problem. Have a look at these funny sentences: "My friend John is my help name." "I call my friends 'help names' because there are so many ways to help people."

Now you know more about helping sentences. Say hello to your friends over coffee tomorrow.

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