What is a sentence for stuck?

What is a sentence for stuck?

They would have remained. I'm going to live a regular life if I'm locked in the realm of the living. He was compelled to live with her by their laws, a daily reminder of someone who had previously harmed him. My mother obviously bored him, despite his persistence. It's said that if you stare into the sun for long enough, your eyes will dry out and cause blindness.

Stuck means unable to move; prevented from moving: "He's stuck in traffic."

This inability to move can be due to many factors, such as being bound or restrained, trapped under something heavy, or even caught in quicksand. In all these cases, one cannot escape one's predicament. It may also be due to an obstruction preventing movement at a more permanent location, such as when a road has been blocked by snow or ice.

The word "stuck" comes from the Old English stechen, which means "to become fixed, fasten, or attach." According to the Oxford English Dictionary, its first usage as a verb was in 1553: "His horse was stuck in the mud." The OED lists several other verbs derived from this same root, including: "attach," "fasten," "gash," "impede," "obstruct," "prevent," "seal," and "stick."

What is a sentence for hobbies?

She dedicated a significant amount of time to entertainment, hobbies, and charitable activities. My parents, on the other hand, left me with a shortage of activities that would make admissions committees salivate. My father had no interests and spent his limited free time assisting my mother in caring for us. My mother had several hobbies including knitting, sewing, tap dancing, and painting. She also devoted a large portion of her time to taking care of us.

Hobbies are activities that provide enjoyment or mental stimulation that do not require much money or effort. Some examples of hobbies include knitting, drawing, writing, music, singing, acting, modeling, dancing, skateboarding, surfing, etc. The word "hobby" comes from Old English hābīth, which means "pleasure," "pastime," or "interest."

Sentences about hobbies: A hobby can be a great way to spend your free time. If you have a hobby it will give you something to look forward to each day. You should try and find a hobby that you enjoy so that you will want to continue doing it even when you are not free to go out and play.

The most important thing is that you find a hobby that isn't hurting anyone else or the environment. For example, flying airplanes into buildings is both illegal and dangerous. No one should force you to engage in a hobby that is against your morals.

What is the definition of smothered?

I believe she called off their engagement because she felt suffocated by him. 1. He used a cushion to suffocate the infant. 2. I left the conference room because the atmosphere inside suffocated me.

What is the sentence of stillness?

[M] Formalized paraphrase She still loves him, even if he no longer loves her. He may still be alive if he had followed his doctor's advise. [M] Formalized paraphrase He recommended her to travel abroad while she was still young. [M] Formalized paraphrase I still recall the day we went on a picnic together.

The subject phrase is composed of two components: the topic and a governing notion. The topic is what the paragraph will be about, and the controlling concept is why it is being written. The topic sentence informs the reader about the aim of your paragraph.

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