What is a simile for angry?

What is a simile for angry?

Raged as a raging storm, Irritated like an open wound, destructive like a raging tsunami/tornado/selected natural catastrophe, experiencing a hate so pure that it engulfed (character's name) in darkness like (he/she/they) believed a black hole would- I suppose this works only if your tale is.. well, dark.

Can a volcano be a metaphor for anger?

A Volcano Is Erupting When someone becomes so enraged that they strike out, we may assume that all of their wrath just pours out of them. This might be seen as a volcano. Below the surface, fury has been building up to the point that it can no longer be contained. Now it is ready to blow.

Volcanoes Can Be Very Dangerous. Not only does lava pour out, but so does smoke and gas. It is important not to get too close to a volcano during an eruption or when it is blowing stuff out of its nose, like in this image.

It's Also Important Not To Touch Anything Vulnerable To Lava. That includes pets, furniture, and anything else that could be harmed by hot liquid rocks. If you find yourself in this situation, the best thing to do is get out of the way so that people don't have to worry about being killed by your angry outburst.

Finally, remember that there is a very good chance that if a volcano erupts near you, it is because something terrible has happened. If you see others crying, go ahead and cry too. No one wants to be around someone who is angry all the time. It's not healthy for anyone involved.

How do you describe an angry person in writing?

Write on how the character's countenance changes when he or she is angry. Anger causes the brows to scrunch together, the forehead to furrow, the lips to tighten, the jaws to clench, and the nostrils to flare. Here are a few more phrases: "hostile gaze," "raged visage," "bared fangs," "curled lip," "clenched jaw."

Describe anger as someone else does. Someone who is good at describing emotions accurately says that anger is a strong feeling that involves fear and violence. It is said that anger has no sense of right or wrong, but rather only acts according to its own nature. This means that someone can justly be angry at something that doesn't deserve it, such as losing a game because of cheating.

Anger is a natural reaction to unfair treatment. If you were treated unfairly sometimes you will want to retaliate by acting aggressively towards those who harmed you. This is normal; it is what keeps people safe from each other. However, if you act on your feelings of anger every time you feel mistreated, you will have a hard time controlling yourself and these negative emotions will rule your life.

People use different words to describe anger. Either way, anger is a powerful emotion that needs to be controlled or else it may cause you harm.

What is the adjective for fury?

Adjective He was enraged at the mishap. Wind or storms that are extremely severe can be called "furious winds" or "furious storms."

Fury is a very strong emotion that can cause people to do things they would never normally do. They may lose control of themselves and their actions.

People show their anger in different ways. Some people talk about their feelings by saying things like, "I'm angry about this situation," or "I'm furious at him for doing that." While others keep their emotions hidden from others. They might drink too much alcohol or use drugs as a way to forget about their problems.

Try not to take things too seriously and if something does upset you, then stop and think about what happened before reacting.

The word "fury" comes from the Latin furia, which means "insane rage." This term is usually used to describe someone who has gone crazy with anger. But even people who seem like they have everything together inside can lose control of themselves when they feel angry.

What is another word for furious?

What is another term for angry?


What is the strongest word for "angry"?


  • Angry.
  • Enraged.
  • Fuming.
  • Furious.
  • Incensed.
  • Indignant.
  • Infuriated.
  • Mad.

What emotion is angry or sad?

It's uncommon to see someone express both rage and melancholy. Without more information, I'd recommend "sullen," which conveys a quiet and dismal displeasure. Perhaps resentful is a good word to describe how you feel. It's more furious than sad, but bitter may be effective. Or perhaps outraged would fit better.

What are the warning signs of anger?

But first, you must detect the warning indicators of anger management issues.

  • Pain in your chest, head or stomach.
  • Grinding your teeth.
  • Feeling anxious.
  • Craving a drink.
  • Obsessive thoughts of revenge.
  • Getting into arguments.
  • Feeling hopeless.
  • Becoming physically violent.

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