What is the topic sentence of a story?

What is the topic sentence of a story?

A topic phrase also expresses the writer's view regarding the issue. The subject sentence is usually found at the beginning of the paragraph. It is frequently the opening sentence of the paragraph. The topic sentence of a paragraph must be broad enough to represent the overarching subject of the paragraph. For example, if the topic sentence of a paragraph on animals in literature were to read "Animals play an important role in many stories," then that sentence would not be adequate. Instead, it should describe a scene where animals are involved or mention a character who is associated with animals.

Often, the topic sentence will restate some aspect of the thesis statement or even repeat part of it. For example, if the thesis statement for this essay was "Dogs are man's best friend," then the topic sentence could be "Dogs are friends to many people - especially writers." Although this sentence repeats part of the thesis statement, it does so accurately and effectively because it covers more ground than just one idea. By doing so, it fulfills the purpose of the topic sentence: to outline the main idea(s) of the paragraph.

As you can see, the topic sentence is very important. It gives readers an overview of the paragraph and helps them understand its main idea. Without a good topic sentence, any paragraph would be incomplete and difficult to follow.

What is a clear topic sentence?

A subject sentence is the opening sentence of a paragraph that outlines the topic and the paragraph's governing notion. A subject sentence should contain a topic, a governing concept, and the author's point of view. It can be as simple as "Photography is an art" or "Asking questions is important in interviewing," but it must include these three elements.

Every essay should have a clear main idea or topic expressed in a single sentence. This sentence should be stated early on so that the reader knows what to expect from the essay. Sometimes essays are called "topic sentences" because they only briefly touch on their topics; however, this type of sentence is still considered to be essential for an effective essay.

Most subjects will have several possible ideas or topics, which are usually described as paragraphs or sections. Only one of these topics needs to be covered in the essay, but it must be done thoroughly. The other topics can be left for future essays.

For example, an essay about photography might discuss different types of cameras including digital and film. It could also explore different techniques used in photography such as lighting and composition. Finally, the essay could examine how photographers create images using these tools and techniques.

Each section or paragraph of the essay should relate back to the main idea or topic.

What is the topic sentence of a developmental paragraph?

A topic sentence is a sentence whose major concept or claim governs the remainder of the paragraph; the body of the paragraph explains, develops, or supports the main idea or claim of the topic sentence with evidence. The topic sentence is normally the first sentence of a paragraph, however this is not always the case.

For example, in the following paragraph, "The president is the leader of the country" is the topic sentence because it states the main idea of the paragraph and therefore controls the rest of the paragraph. "Since the president is the leader of the country, he must be elected by either the Senate or the House of Representatives." Here, the last sentence serves to explain how the president is chosen since he cannot be appointed by the president himself.

In order to understand how the topic sentence works within the context of a paragraph, let's look at another example. Imagine that I write about President Obama, and want to focus on two of his most important policies: the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and climate change. My topic sentence for this paragraph would be "President Obama has been very active in promoting both the ACA and climate change legislation." Now that I have my topic sentence, I can begin to write about each issue separately and include other relevant information as needed. In my case, I would probably start with some facts about the ACA before moving on to discuss Obama's efforts related to climate change legislation.

What is the job of a topic sentence?

A subject sentence serves numerous key functions in a paragraph. A subject sentence should highlight a paragraph's core theme, letting the reader know what the paragraph will be about. The topic sentence should convey a concept that will unite the rest of the paragraph while also tying it back to the paper's primary point. Finally, a topic sentence should not be an abstract idea; instead, it should get its power from how well you express it.

In other words, your topic sentence should be able to stand alone as a complete thought. While it may include specific details used later in the essay, the main idea must be clear at the beginning. This allows the rest of the essay to flow naturally from this central concept.

Some common errors people make when writing their topic sentences are including information in them that doesn't pertain to the topic or being too general. If you go into great detail describing a particular event or person, your audience won't be able to relate to it and you've failed to communicate your message effectively. Conversely, saying too much in your topic sentence makes it difficult for the reader to connect with you and understand what you're trying to say.

It's important to remember that while your topic sentence provides context for the rest of your essay, it can't contain everything about your topic. There should be some indication of where you plan to take this topic further than just the first sentence.

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