What is an addendum in an essay?

What is an addendum in an essay?

An addendum is another term for an appendix, which may be required as part of an APA research paper if the writer chooses to incorporate additional material that does not fit in the document. Surveys used in research, mathematical proofs, and explanations of crucial terminology are some examples of supplementary information. An addendum should be submitted with your paper once you have completed it.

What is an addendum to a document?

In general, an addendum or appendix is an addition that must be added to a document by its author after it has been printed or published. It is derived from the Latin gerundive addendum, plural addenda, "that which is to be added," which is derived from addere (lit. "to add").

An addendum may contain material that expands on, clarifies, or corrects information in the main body of the work. For example, a supplement to a textbook may include questions at the end of each chapter that clarify facts discussed in the chapter or provide additional practice problems for students to solve. Addenda are often included in later printing runs of books and journals to include information that has come to light since the original publication date.

Addenda are usually distinguished from postscripts by their being inserted into the back matter of a book or article. Postscripts are usually short notes written by scholars about specific points in their works, including corrections to previous editions. They are generally inserted within the front matter of the book or journal.

See also backup sheet; epilogue; preface.

What is an addendum to a letter?

It is derived from the Latin gerundive addendum, plural addenda, meaning "something which is to be added," from the verb addere (lit. "give toward").

An addendum may be any additional piece of information that helps clarify an issue in the body of the text or supports an argument made therein. For example, an addendum might discuss related cases not included in the main text or provide additional sources for cited material. An addendum should be written so that it can stand on its own as an independent piece of evidence.

Addendums are often but not always included with publications. For example, an editor might insert an addendum containing updated references or corrected mistakes before issuing a new edition of a book. An employer might include an addendum explaining why he or she selected you for a job.

As a term of art, an addendum usually refers to an additional section attached to cover sheets, forms, or request letters sent with copies of publications or other materials. For example, a publisher's office will often attach an editorial note to an issue of a journal explaining how next year's schedule will be determined and listing books currently under consideration for inclusion. Or a university will add an appendix to exams when there are questions about correct answer choices.

Is an addendum the same as an appendix?

An appendix is a section of a document that provides extensive information that not everyone will wish to read. Appendices are frequently statistical, historical, or technical in nature. An addendum is additional information discovered by the writer after drafting the report, such as a new research on the subject. It is usually included in the final version of the report.

What is the difference between an addendum and an addenda?

An addendum is a noun that refers to a note added to the end of something. Addenda is its plural. The usage cases are entirely separate; they cannot be substituted for each other in any context. An addendum usually notes additional information about a subject covered by the main body of the document or report while addenda typically refer to miscellaneous corrections made by others after the original document was completed.

Examples of addendums:

An addendum listing properties owned by a deceased person can be included in the deceased person's tax return. Tax law requires certain property to be reported on income tax returns whether or not you have any legal claim to it. If you fail to report this property, you may be liable for a penalty. The addendum allows the owner's tax attorney to identify potential claims against the estate without releasing them from confidentiality obligations.

An addendum explaining changes made by a legislative body in a bill it has already passed can help senators and representatives understand the effects of these changes upon which they will have to vote. An addendum outlining changes made by a committee in a bill that has not yet been voted on by the full legislature can help members of both houses understand the impact those changes might have if adopted.

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