What is an argumentative text type?

What is an argumentative text type?

Argumentative text type: It relates to the justifications given in support or opposition to a topic. To persuade the reader to join a certain side, the writer frequently engages in an argument with the opposing party. The aim is to show that your view is correct because it is better supported by more persuasive reasons.

An argumentative essay is written with a purpose of convincing the reader of the correctness of the views expressed. The writer often starts from a premise which he/she believes to be true and then seeks to prove it by using logic and evidence from other sources.

Some examples of argumentative essays are "The advantages of eating healthy" or "The disadvantages of drinking alcohol." In both cases, the writer takes a position on the topic and uses facts and arguments to justify it.

Writing an argumentative essay requires one to take a stance on some issue and then present the other side of the case as well as the own point of view. One must also be able to distinguish reliable information from unreliable sources. Finally, one must write clearly and concisely so that the reader understands what one thinks about the topic.

The easiest way to write an argumentative essay is to start with a question that forces you to take a stand on some issue.

What is an argumentation text?

An argument text is a writing published about a topic in which the author is either "for" or "against" the topic. Primary school argument books commonly stress the benefits and drawbacks of topics such as zoos, school uniforms, and the usage of computer tablets in instruction. Secondary school argument texts tend to focus on more substantial issues such as government policy, particular practices within schools, and alternative education methods.

Argument texts are often organized thematically, with each section presenting a different line of reasoning against or in favor of the topic. For example, one section may argue that students should not be forced to wear school uniforms, while another argues that uniforms are beneficial because they reduce violence by giving children identifiable roles within their communities. A third section may conclude that students should not be required to wear uniforms because it violates their personal freedom. The organization of these sections makes it easy for readers to find arguments supporting or opposing a specific point being discussed.

In addition to these organizational features, argument texts usually include a short title page with the author's name, publication date, and identification of the subject being argued about. They may also include a table of contents or a list of topics and sub-topics covered in the essay. Finally, most secondary school argument texts contain multiple examples from other writings (often articles from scholarly journals) to help readers understand how the author develops his or her points.

How do you identify an argumentative text?

Text that takes a stance on an issue or topic is referred to as argumentative text... examine the qualities and structures of argumentative text by:

  1. Identifying the claim;
  2. Explaining how the author uses various types of evidence to support the argument;
  3. Identifying the intended audience or reader;

What is an argumentative argument?

An argumentative essay is a piece of writing in which you take a position on a topic. A good argumentative essay seeks to persuade readers to comprehend and accept a writer's point of view on a topic by articulating their reasoning and offering evidence to support it. While the term "argument" may suggest that essays using this type of structure are limited to supporting one idea with more persuasive evidence, this is not necessarily the case. An argumentative essay can be used to defend any number of positions simultaneously as long as they all fit under the main point being made.

Often, students think that argumentative essays must be based on logic alone. This is not true; emotional arguments can be effective too. Logical arguments can attract attention and get people thinking, but not everyone will agree with you just because you logically presented your point of view.

Emotional arguments work by getting to the heart of the matter quickly and simply. They make readers feel something (usually either for or against you), which will make them want to continue reading your essay or leave it alone. Logical arguments would include details like these when explaining your position.

What is argumentative writing PPT?

1. argue (v): convince someone to do or not do something; provide grounds for your views, thoughts, beliefs, etc. An argumentative essay attempts to persuade the reader to agree with the writer's point of view. It makes an effort to be exceedingly compelling and rational.

2. write (v): produce written language for communication Purportedly, Benjamin Franklin invented the printing press in 1730. However, it was Thomas Jefferson who first used the word "printing" to describe what we now call publishing. Since then, print has become the standard way of saying publish something for distribution to a large audience.

3. read (v): understand the meaning of What is argumentative writing? Someone who can write good arguments is called a writer. Someone who can write well is called a journalist. Someone who can write on topics that interest others is called a public speaker. Someone who can express ideas through speech is called a preacher. Someone who can express ideas in music is called a composer. Someone who can express ideas in painting is called an artist. Someone who can express ideas in film is called a director. Someone who can express ideas in fiction is called a novelist. Someone who can express ideas through action is called a soldier. Someone who can think up new ways to do things is called a inventor.

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