What are civilians and soldiers about?

What are civilians and soldiers about?

Civilian and Soldier was written by Wole Soyinka in reaction to escalating violence in his home Nigeria in late 1966, a scenario that quickly escalated into a three-year civil war. Soyinka depicts a citizen who has lately been shot to death, communicating as a ghost to the guy who shot him in the poem. The ghost tells his killer that he was only carrying out orders, indicating that both sides of the conflict were one step removed from actual warfare.

Soyinka's work questions traditional concepts of patriotism and suggests that people will always kill for something bigger than themselves. In this way, he tries to make us aware of how dangerous modern life can be for some people while others grow rich off their efforts.

In conclusion, Civilian and Soldier shows that there are many ways to fight someone. Some use guns, others use words, but whatever method is used, someone could get hurt or even killed. This poem should make us think about what kind of person we want to be because there are many ways to die today. For example, you could be hit by a car while crossing the street tonight!

What is the message of the soldier?

In his poem "The Soldier," Brooke used immensely rich imagery to communicate to the reader the idea of how noble it is to fight for your nation and what a magnificent country England is in an enthralling fashion. He also conveyed that although war is terrible, it is necessary at times.

The poet begins by saying that "the soldier goes forth to war" and then proceeds to describe how he is "full of glorious life". He is young and strong with every chance of enjoying himself greatly before settling down to marry and build a home. But soon all this would be destroyed by the horrors of war.

The next part of the poem describes how the soldier's life is spent in fighting and death. He travels far from home often living off the land because there are no villages or towns near the battlefields where he can stay. When not engaged in battle, he is on guard duty or cleaning his weapons.

At first glance it might seem like a horrible way to live but then the poet reminds us that this is a glorious career for a man who is willing to fight and die for his country.

Finally, after describing the horror of war, the poet concludes by saying that we must accept it as part of life but only if we are prepared to give our lives for ours nation.

Is it natural to write about the military?

There have been authors writing about the military for as long as there has been a military. It's a perfect fit. The military delivers the ideal blend of conflict and personality, enemy and attitude. There are many ways to describe the military, but "warlike" comes to mind first. And since war is a powerful motivator, it follows that those who write about it tend to be strong willed themselves. Also, the military is full of interesting people who offer great story material.

In addition to its appeal as entertainment, this genre of literature has great value in helping us understand ourselves and our world. Military history books contain lessons we can apply to our own lives today - especially when there are wars on terror or other conflicts looming on the horizon. History has shown that war is an instrument used by humans to resolve disputes, so reading about other people's struggles can help us avoid making the same mistakes again.

Finally, military writing is an excellent way to follow in the footsteps of some famous authors. Homer wrote about the Trojan War, Virgil wrote about the Punic Wars, and Thomas Macaulay wrote about the Napoleonic Wars. All three men were inspired by events that happened around them and wanted to tell these stories too. So, if you want to be like them, start writing about the military now!

What is a sentence for a soldier?

"Example of a Soldier Sentence" He was a valiant soldier and an astute educator. Alder's Bridge was renamed Brockville following the war's first military casualty! Every fallen soldier has a name, a tale to tell, and a heartbroken family.

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The choice of battle site was important since both armies knew the area well. After several days of skirmishing, they settled down for a major battle at Biotfield, about 15 miles north of Paris. The battle lasted from July 16 to 17, 1815 and was one of the most brutal of its time. Both sides lost about 6500 men while trying to drive away the other but in the end Napoleon was forced to abdicate and flee France.

During his career, Napoleon fought two world wars, won many battles and conquered part of Europe. But he also ruined his country by spending all its money on wars. When he was finally defeated at Waterloo, Britain and its allies imposed harsh terms on France, including requiring it to pay back all its debts. Many people now believe that Britain's king at the time, William IV, was actually Napoleon's brother who had been exiled to St. Helena during Napoleon's reign.

What is a soldier’s life?

Soldiers' life are full with sacrifices and stories of bravery and heroism. A soldier's value in our life ranges from battling enemy on the front lines of our border to rescuing civilians from earthquakes, floods, and disaster zones. The life of a soldier is one of pride and honor. They put their lives at risk to protect ours and we should be proud of them.

In fact, there are many types of soldiers including airmen, marines, and sailors. Each type has its own role to play in defending our country. All together they make up the armed forces which are responsible for protecting our freedoms.

Like any other job, there is a right way of doing things and a wrong way. There will be times when you feel frustrated or overwhelmed by the number of tasks that need to be done. However, if you keep yourself motivated and confident, you will be able to handle anything that comes your way.

A soldier's life is a tough and dangerous one and there is no guarantee that anyone will be around to see you after you retire. Therefore, it is important to have a family-friendly career path that allows you to spend time with your children and spouse.

Since there are so many different roles within the military, there is also a wide selection of jobs available. If you search online, you should be able to find something that matches your interests and skills.

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